Stretched On A Bed
by Peter Loaf

My bondage simple, stretched on a bed
Feet to the bottom, hands to the head
Naked I shiver
Package deliver
Moll Flanders Follies, I need the bread

Cameramen stalking, shooting the scene
Molly’s big dildo, she’s being mean
Stretching vibrations
Watching gyrations
Twenty-four hours, rolling in green

Molly attending, our little farce
Empress of bondage, video bars
Rolling me over
subbie in clover
The captive lusty, my lucky stars

Hot flashes showing, clitty a stump
Bending to tickle, settling rump
Lips on my clitty
Licking Her kitty
Top with her bottom, the subbie chump

Her pussy licking, ring gag in place
Her passion spraying, over my face
Ying and Yang fucking
Two women trucking
Close ups and wide lens, my state of grace

Back on my tummy, “Time for your Passion”
The horse hair flogger, my back slashin’
The end is cuming
Kicking feet drumming
When Molly finished, sanity crashin’

The silken sheeting, cool on my back
Pussy lips swollen, fresh new attack
Horse hairs that whistle
Burning like thistle
Too many comings, stinging impact

Front and back crimson, passion’s refuge
Thunderfuck dildo, feelings confuse
Ten times the pleasure
Measure for measure
Flopping fish screaming, nary a bruise

A kiss and a pinch, given my all
Passion exhausted, nothing left call
Subbie lust draining
Subbie lust staining
Fade to black whisper, “I love you Moll”

Cameramen packing, and heading out
The dildo humming, not coming out
Molly caressing
Keeping me guessing
“See you in morning, try not to pout”

The darkness closing, left all alone
My bondage simple, nipples in cone
I’m falling asleep
My bondage will keep
Feet freeing shadow, tenderness shown

Soothing witch hazel, taking the sting
Hands hard and calloused, sanity cling
My hips He’s lifting
The dildo shifting
Leaving me gaping, His cock to bring

Pussy exhausted, I try to cope
Kow Tow position, pussy lips grope
A sudden thrusting
His pent up lusting
Numb from the navel, chaste as the pope

After He’s finished, slipping away
But soon another, for a short stay
Cameramen cuing
Know what they’re doing
When Molly’s in power, be ready to play

Stretched On A Bed