Stretch Limo
by Peter Loaf

A canvas jacket, buckles and straps
Zipped up and tightened, my arms entraps
Otherwise naked
A call girl take-ed
Stretch limo quiet, two thuggish chaps

It happened so quickly, barely away
Two on one tactics, the power play
The door enclosing
Thereís no opposing
And there I remained, sexy display

The jacket binding, in canvas gripped
They sit back grinning, my wings are clipped
Itís very upsetting
Pussy lips wetting
The smell is filling, container shipped

A long time flying, the limoís trunk
My two thugs watching, and getting drunk
My fear emoting
My pussy voting
Masters indifferent, my chances sunk

A fitful sleeping, troubled by dreams
My pussy prouding, oozing its creams
Pheromones stinking
To hind brain slinking
Huge cocks erecting, splitting my seams?

All dressed and ready, helpless in lust
The goons are fucking, the lusty thrust
Caught with my pants down
Iím hardly around
Watching them fucking, pussy juice crust

Tokyo traffic, the passing sights
Shoulder and shoulder, the Ginza lights
Underground parking
Seat cushions marking
To lift Iím hustled, taken to heights

Penthouse apartment, city below
Taken to game room, power to know
High hot and stinking
Two of them winking
Through curtains pushing, on with the show

Three hooded ninjas, mirrors for eyes
Kneeling before them, a long sought prize
A call girl calling
Hired for balling
Horny from waiting, word to the wise

Silently moving, the three converge
The jacket holding, pheromones surge
Mouth pussy anus
Tough to explain us
Three way receiver, the demon urge

Triple fucked helpless, I come and chum
The three delighted, mouth pussy bum
Steeping in semen
My horny dreaminí
Little pills popping, I come and come

Back in the limo, back in the plane
My mixed emotions, tough to explain
A huge cash bonus
Yet passions own us
Three little ninjas, again again

A visa getting, gonna go back
The one per centers, easy to track
Full time employment
Full time enjoyment
Being a subbie, the deck to stack

Japanese lessons, and Geisha too
New lovers finding, my witchís brew
My freedom finding
Needing the binding
Pussy froth shining, their fuses blew

Stretch Limo