by Peter Loaf


The bon voyage party was loud and noisy so no one noticed the unaccompanied dark haired young woman coming up the gangplank.  She looked just like the rest of the passengers and revelers, nicely attired in the classic little black dress, black nylons, high heels and opera length black kidskin gloves.  She was nicely built in a way that drew lots of looks from the men on the deck, both crew and passenger.  She smiled at everyone, accepted a drink from a roving steward and moved in a purposeful way toward the cabins. 

Once free of the crowd on deck, she went down several ladders, down into the crew quarters where she found an unlocked cabin assigned to several of the stewards.  Stripping off her long black gloves and selecting a clean white coat from one of the wall lockers, she put it on and returned to the passageway, now looking like one of the crew.

As the ship’s powerful foghorn blasted the all ashore signal she was slipping deeper into the ship’s belly, down into the large holds where the food and supplies were stored.  Finding a hiding place behind some crates of liquor, she put down her small survival kit and settled in to wait.  Later, when they were well at sea, she planned to find some unaccompanied male willing to share his single occupancy cabin with her in exchange for sex.  She needed to get home to Athens but she was terrified of flying and simply could not afford steam ship passage.

Ten minutes later she began to feel the vibrations of the huge ship’s powerful engines as the tugs helped them out away from the dock.

Soon the vibrations had become steady and regular as if the ship were truly under way.  Still she waited, crouching in her hiding place, knowing that until the pilot boat left she dared not get caught.  Not if she wanted to get back to Athens at any rate.

Half an hour later the ship began to roll slightly with the action of the open sea against the hull.  She guessed they must have passed out of the Golden Gate and figured it was time to come out of hiding.

As she emerged from behind the crates she found a large, florid faced man, sitting on a box of canned goods, an unlit cigar in his grinning teeth.  "Hello sweetheart.  Welcome to the Pacific Princess.  May I see your ticket please?" he said, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

The young woman showed him the badge sewn on her jacket and said, in her Greek accented English, "I’m a waitress from the first class dining room, I have no ticket."

"Well now, that’s really strange."  The grinning man said, moving to position himself between her and the door.  "Because I’m the purser and I personally hired every one of the wait staff.  I’m quite sure I would remember someone as pretty as you.  What is your name?"

"Carmen Pindus sir.  I was sent at the last minute to replace a girl who’d gotten sick."  Carmen said, trying to smile her way closer to that door.

"Who got sick?  What was her name?" he said, taking out a key and locking the door in question without ever taking his eyes off of Carmen.

"Juanita something.  I forget her last name."

"Funny, I saw the only Juanita I hired a few minutes ago, serving drinks up on deck.  Do you suppose she recovered at the last minute?"

"I don’t know sir, its possible I guess."  Carmen stalled, wondering if it was time to confess and throw her self upon the mercy of this man.

"Well, I guess we’ll just have to go up and ask her, won’t we?"  He said, looking her in the eye and smiling nastily.  "We wouldn’t want to falsely arrest you, now would we?"

"Arrest me?" Carmen asked, sudden butterflies in her tummy.

"What did you expect, that you’d be given a free ride once it was too late to put you ashore?"

"But I was sent to this ship, if a mistake was made it was the agency who made it!"

"What agency is that?" the man said, taking a length of strong looking nylon cord out of his pocket.

"I forget the name, it’s on Mission, a few blocks north of Castro."

"We hire from the state employment agency, not private ones."  He said, moving toward her, the cord held in his hands.

"Wait, you said Pacific Princess?  I was told to report to the Alaskan Princess!"

"Hard to do, five days after it sailed." he said, grinning even wider.  Then, moving faster than she would have thought possible, he noosed her right wrist with the cord and used it to spin her around and force her to bend over a crate of canned peaches while he quickly and expertly bound her wrists together behind her back.

"Let me go or I’ll scream!" she said, as the last knot was being cinched.

"The neat thing about holds, my dear, is there’s no one to hear you down here."  He said thoroughly frisking her for weapons and in the process doing a good job of feeling her up.

"Let me go you bastard!" Carmen said, trying to drive one of her high heels into his foot.

"I don’t think so bitch!" he chuckled reaching down to grip her right ankle and pull it up to where he could tie it to her crossed wrists while leaving her left foot to kick ineffectually.

She started screaming then, the sound echoing off the metal bulkheads of the hold and seeming to do her no good at all.  Then he was stuffing some rags between her teeth and soon screaming was just another thing she could no longer do.

When the stuffing in her mouth was tied in place with another cord he said, "Did you think we wouldn’t know how to deal with stowaways?" as he laid her out on top of the crate, her still loose leg kicking in a futile attempt at hindering him.  Finally, to end such foolishness, the big man captured her free leg and tied it down next to its mate.

Carmen, hogtied and tightly gagged, looked up at the big man and knew she was going to work off her fare to Athens after all.  She wondered what else she would do.


Carmen Pindus lay on the captain’s big bed wondering what was going to become of her.  After stripping her down to just her panties, garter belt, shoes and stockings, the purser had left her all alone in the darkened storeroom for the rest of the day and most of the night.  She’d fought against her bonds with all her might but to no avail, the tight cords defeating her every attempt at getting herself free.  When she’d been unable to hold it any longer she’d peed herself, something she hadn’t done since she was three.  Sometime after midnight she’d fallen into an exhausted, dream-filled sleep.  Her dreams were of the all too familiar captive maiden on the high seas variety, only this time when she awoke she found herself truly a captive in the hands of the lusty pirates.

Then, just before dawn, the purser had come down and, treating her like a side of beef, he’d placed her inside a foam rubber lined steamer trunk for transport up to the captain’s cabin.  There, she’d been unpacked, untied and placed in a set of leg and wrist irons that held her even more helpless but at the same time in a lot less pain than she’d been in the tight cords.  He’d even put her long kidskin gloves back on her to keep the shackles from chafing her already sore wrists.  The rag wadding he replaced with a large red rubber ball on a strap that, if anything, blocked her screams even more efficiently.  She was then tossed, face down, onto the captain’s bed and left.

Twisting her neck, Carmen looked back at the shackles that held her wrists and ankles.  It frightened her that these men were so well equipped. 

Formed from a single bar of heavy steel, the shackles were professionally made and designed to keep her completely helpless, unable to defend any part of her nearly naked body.  Her feet were attached out at the bar’s ends, spreading her folded legs to about a meter so that she could not begin to close her knees.  Her wrists were clamped together in the bar’s center, well out of the way and totally useless to her.

When the cabin door finally opened, she saw a gray bearded man coming in, wearing the uniform of a sea captain.  "Hello Ms Pindus, I am Captain Johnson.  I will be your Lord and Master for the next few weeks."

Lord and Master? thought Carmen, looking up at the handsome older man.  What have I gotten myself into?

"You have been discovered trying to steal a passage on my ship." He said, dragging her up so as to prop her up on her knees with her face against the steel bulkhead at the head of his bed and sitting beside her where he could touch her wracked shoulder in a gentle caress.  "We could send you ashore and have you charged as a stowaway but if you are this desperate to sail with us, who are we to say no?"  His hand slipped around in front and squeezed her naked breast, not hurting her yet but letting her know just how helpless she was in his irons.

"On the other hand, we could put you to work and let you earn your passage, how would you like that?" he said, sliding his hand down her sweating front to slip it into her still damp panties so that he could discover her most intimate secrets.

What he discovered was that Carmen’s sex was hot, swollen and soaking wet, and not just from the pee she’d been forced to pass down in the hold.  What was making her wet now was the helpless, sexually exposed position imposed on her by his irons.

Chuckling, he pulled his hand out of her panties and sniffed his long fingers.  "I will take this as evidence of your willingness to work your passage." he said, rubbing her pussy juice beneath her nose so that she was forced to smell how very turned on she was.

"Well, I’ll let you think about it for a while.  I’ll come back as soon as my duties permit." he said, tipping her back over onto her back before getting up and walking toward the cabin door, his big cock tenting the front of his uniform trousers.  "I do hope you decide to serve as my cabin girl.  Like all sailors, I really hate these long celibate voyages."

As the door closed behind him Carmen tried to call out, desperate to get out of her restraints, eager to serve him in any way he might like.

Then, settling down on the big bed, she thought about why she needed to get home to Athens so desperately.  Her little sister was in need of a bone marrow transplant and she was the only possible person to donate.  At seven years of age little Katrina had been diagnosed with leukemia and the doctors had said that without the transplant she would die in less than a year.

Caught on the far side of the world, working as an au pair for a Carmel stockbroker and his wife, Carmen had asked for an advance on her salary so she could go home to save her little sister’s life.  But because her Mistress suspected her of having an affair with the stockbroker (true, but not her fault) she was denied the advance and fired instead.  In desperation, Carmen decided to try and stow away on the first ship heading for Greece. (Taking an airplane was simply not an option for Carmen, due to her irrational fear of flying.)

After a while the purser came in and after getting her to promise not to scream, he took out her gag so that he could feed her some Nutra-Shake through a straw.  When the shake was gone he cut off and discarded her piss stained panties, carried her into the cabin’s head and propped her up straddling the toilet where she could again pass her water.  While she was doing that he told her the rules under which she would live while aboard the ship.  She was to stay inside the captain’s cabin at all times.  She would be restrained, most of the time, by a collar and chain attached to a ring in the bulkhead at the head of the captain’s bed.  She would serve her Master in any way he required.  She would not try to escape.  She would not try to scream or in any other way let anyone know of her presence aboard.  She was told that she would be put back into the irons and punished for any infraction of these rules.  She was informed that she would most likely not enjoy these punishments.

This last part she doubted, just a little.  For in her experience, punishments were always followed by great sex.

When he was sure she understood these rules, he locked the stainless steel collar around her throat and removed the irons.

After the purser left, she found that the tether chain was just long enough to reach the toilet, but not long enough to reach the cabin’s door.  It was permanently attached to the collar and the collar was locked around her throat.  She stripped out of her smelly garter belt and stockings, took a hot shower, moved her bowels, hand washed her stockings and garter and settled down on the bed, intending to get some sleep.  As she was drifting off she was caressing her chain and smiling.


Wiping the Captain’s cum from her chin, Carmen asked, "When will we reach Panama, Master?"

"Tomorrow afternoon." he said, putting away his now drooping, lipstick-smeared cock, zipping up his trousers and adjusting his tie.  "We have a reservation to go through the canal Thursday night."

"And then how long to Athens?" Carmen asked, cuddling against his strong body, careful not to get her lipstick on his shirt.

"About three weeks, depending on the weather.  We have scheduled stopovers at Jamaica, Freeport, the Azores, Lisbon, Malaga and Venice before we tie up in Piraeus."

"I wish I didn’t have to go ashore, Master.  I love being your cabin girl."

"You could take care of your sister and then fly on to Bombay to catch up with us." he said, disentangling himself from her and putting on his uniform jacket.

"I just cannot fly Master.  I get the horrors even thinking about it."

"Too bad, I’m going to miss having you around."

"Please Master, will you put me back into the irons before you go?  I love how they make me feel all hot, helpless and horny."

"Well, I love thinking of you in here all hot, helpless and horny, my slave." he chuckled, picking up the bar and opening the ankle shackles.  "Do you need to pee before it’s too late?"

"How long will you be gone?" she asked, kneeling naked on the mussed up bed and looking up at him adoringly.

"As long as it takes, you horny little witch." he chuckled, reaching out to caress her tightly puckered nipple.  "Now, do you want to pee or not?"

"Not." she giggled. "Knowing your mattress is in danger will bring you back to me quicker."

He chuckled and pushed her to lie face down on the bed.  "Hold still while I put these on you."  He said, spanking her fanny in mock exasperation.

Then, once the irons were clamped back on her wrists and ankles he dragged her helpless body off the bed and onto the floor.  "There, now I won’t have to worry about sleeping on a wet mattress." he said, his fingers finding and tickling her swollen clit.

Wiggling her sex against his fingers, Carmen said, "Hurry back my Master, I need you so much."

As soon as the door lock had clicked, Carmen began to hump her hogtied body across the carpet, dragging her tether chain behind her.  Slow as an inchworm she made her way over to his dresser where she had seen him carelessly drop the key to her collar this morning as he’d been getting dressed.  As long as she was tethered to the wall she knew she had no chance of escaping.  But given that key she knew escape would be easy, once there was somewhere to escape to, such as Panama. 

She’d asked for the irons because she wanted him to think she was incapable of having stolen the key.  It took her most of an hour but finally she had the it in her teeth.  Then in another hour of intense effort she’d worked her way back across the large cabin and had hidden it on the floor behind the bedside table where it might not be spotted but where he might think he’d dropped it if he did happen to find it.

Then, working her hogtied and now slightly carpet burned body back to the place where he’d left her, she settled down to await his return.  She hoped he would hurry.  She really was quite horny.  Plus, of course, by that time she really needed to pee.


No one heard the splash as Carmen dropped over the fantail.  No one saw her swim to the lock’s massive gates and hang on until the water raised her high enough to reach the maintenance ladder.  She was careful to stay in the shadows as the big cruise ship was towed into the next lock then she scrambled up the ladder and hid in the shadows behind the powerful little donkey engine that pulled the next ship through the locks. 

Dressed in a pair of the captain’s rolled up trousers, held up by a pair of his suspenders and one of his sleeveless undershirts, she looked kind of cute, in a sexy waif kind of way, or would once she dried out.  Right then her wet shirt was plastered to her perky breasts and she might as well have been nude from the waist up.  Her high-heeled shoes and nylons would complete the picture, once she’d dried them out as well.  

On one level she was sorry to be leaving the Princess and its Masterful, well hung captain.  It was, after all, going where she wanted to go.  But how could she trust him, after what he’d done to her?  It did not matter that she’d enjoyed playing the Captain’s chained love slave games.  The fact was that he hadn’t asked.  He’d taken advantage of her, held her prisoner in his cabin and fucked her all the way from San Francisco to Panama.  How could she trust him to let her go free in Athens?  Just because he had promised didn’t mean he intended to do it.

No, it was far safer for her to find another ship headed for Europe.  Once there it would be simple to turn a few tricks for enough cash to get a train for Athens.

She moved back down the hill, heading back to Panama City, intending to find a friendly sailor who might help her get home in exchange for some regular sex on the way.


It was just bad luck that the first waterfront bar she walked into contained the Princess’s purser and his black boyfriend, a stoker from the black gang.  She tried to duck back out the door but they’d seen her and chased her down the street.  Knowing that she could not call attention to herself because she had no passport, they caught up with her and steered her into an alley, the big purser gripping her by her upper arm so hard he was bruising her.

Ten minutes later the three of them were in a taxi, heading for the Atlantic side of the isthmus.

She considered screaming that she was being kidnapped but didn’t, knowing that in Panama such crimes are treated with a wink and the passing of small bribes.

Once she was back aboard she was returned to the captain’s cabin where they stripped her naked and put her back in the irons.  She’d been free less than twenty hours.  To punish her for escaping they placed two plastic punishment disks on her nipples and left her lying face down on the captain’s bed.

The disks were a horror.  Made from heavy gage plastic, the flexible kind of clear stuff used to keep the cold air inside of walk-in freezers, the two silver dollar sized disks had been sliced in a star pattern through the middle.

Once they’d been pressed down over her nipples she’d been held in breath catching agony.  Any attempt at moving dragged at her nipples, pinched, poked and hurt like Hell.

After what seemed like a lifetime she felt the ship’s big engines come back to life and knew they were once again steaming on the high seas.  A few minutes later the cabin door opened to admit her Master.  She mewed around the gag, begging for relief from the pain in her nipples but he ignored her as he got undressed, took a shower and brushed his teeth before coming to bed.

The first thing he did when he got there was to flop her over onto her back and toy with the nipple disks, causing her to scream in sudden gag choked agony.  Then, instead of removing the disks, he added a third, this one a little smaller and with sharper points that took and held her clitoris the same way the larger ones held her nipples.  Then, without further delay, he climbed on top of her and began to fuck her, his big cock driving in and out of her gulping vagina until the three disks were all but forgotten, even though his every move tugged and pulled at them mercilessly.  When she came it was like going over a waterfall in a barrel.  And when it was over she was so devastated she hardly noticed as he removed the three disks and soothed her tender nipples and clit with Witch Hazel.

She stayed in the irons almost all the way to Montego Bay, serving her Master in every way he required.  Then, the night before arriving at Jamaica he had her taken below to be locked up in an unused storage room that had been soundproofed with old mattresses fixed to the walls, ceiling and floor so that there would be no chance of her escaping ashore again.

Three days later the engines were once again throbbing and they came to take her back to her Master’s cabin.  "Please sir, I’ll be good.  It frightens me to be shut up in that trunk."  She pleaded as they again tied her hands and feet, preparing to pack her for the transfer.

"Trust has to be earned young lady." Said the purser.  "When you jumped ship in Panama the captain learned that you do not deserve to be trusted."  He then replaced the gag ball in her mouth, pushed her head down between her knees and shut the trunk, confining her to the stuffy, foam rubber lined silence.


Carmen had always suspected her captors never planned to let her go.  But until the ship left the dock at Piraeus she’d at least had hope.  Now, back in the padded cell for the trip through the Suez Canal, she was growing more desperate with every passing kilometer.  "You cold hearted BASTARDS!"  She raged, hammering on the padded wall, wishing it was his face.  She thought about Katrina, her little sister, lying in that hospital bed, growing weaker with each passing day. 

She now realized that she should have turned some tricks in San Francisco for enough money to fly home, fear or no fear.  She could have bombed herself with enough valium to survive the over the pole flight, then she would have been home three weeks ago.  Katrina would be on the road to recovery already.  Instead she was being taken away from where she needed to be, perhaps never to return. 

But what could she do?  Ever since Panama she’d been kept completely under lock and key.

She wondered if she would ever be free again.  She knew that the ship’s home port was San Francisco and she knew that this was the captain’s last voyage, his mandatory retirement age coming up very shortly after the ship was scheduled to complete this around the world voyage.

Suddenly, the padded door opened, revealing the same black stoker she’d met in Panama City.  The Purser’s lover, she’d gathered from the way the two of them had been dancing together in the bar.  He grinned at her, showing his big white teeth and closed the door behind himself.  In his hand was her small suitcase containing her clothes.  Speaking in a South African accent, the big man said,  "I switched keys with the captain, he won’t know you are gone until the ship is clear of the canal and out in the Red Sea.  By that time you will be back in Athens."

"Oh God, thank you sir.  How can I ever repay your kindness?"  Carmen asked, hoping the man was bisexual and it would therefore be simple.

"By not letting yourself get caught again."  He said, handing her the bag containing her clothes.  "I have a friend who is following the ship in a small boat who will pick you up once you jump overboard.  He will take you back to Suez and introduce you to some cigarette boat smugglers who can have you home in ten or twelve hours, say by noon tomorrow."

"Why are you doing this for me?" Carmen asked smelling a rat.

"I don’t like the way they lied to you." He said, watching her get dressed for the first time in three weeks.  "It was one thing to let a stowaway work her passage, that’s practically traditional.  But they plan to sell you as a sex slave in Singapore.  Nobody deserves that fate."

"Well God bless you for letting me go."  Carmen said, putting on her shoes.

Making their way to a cargo hatch in the side of the ship, the two stood looking out at the billions of stars in the desert sky.  He handed her a heavy zip-lock plastic bag and told her to put her gloves, shoes and passport into it and blow it up before sealing it.  "It will keep your leather stuff dry and help keep you afloat until my friend in the boat gets here.  Don’t worry about your clothing, in this climate that dress will dry long before morning."

   "May I kiss you sir?"  Carmen asked, moving close to the large stoker.

"I’m not that kind of a fellow." He said, laughing and shoving her out the big door so that she fell into the warm, inky water below.

When she surfaced she looked up and saw that the hatch had been closed and that no one had noticed her departure.

She struck out for shore, hoping to find her own way back to Athens.  Somehow, she did not trust men in boats.   


Emerging on the West bank of the Suez Canal Carmen stood up in the chill desert air and shivered.  The first thing she needed to do, she realized, was get some dry clothes, something that would be less conspicuous than this little black dress and high heels, something that would let her travel in peace through this Arab land.  She saw a village nearby and went searching for a clothesline.

A half an hour later she was dressed as an Egyptian peasant woman and walking North along the road to Suez.  Off to her right she heard a small motorboat putting around in the shallows, presumably searching for her.  She wondered if she was being foolish, not trusting the South African.  Then decided that it would be a while before she trusted anyone that much again.

By dawn she knew she was in trouble.  Her high heels were not designed for long distance walking and the road was going to get too hot for bare feet soon.  She needed sandals but had no way of getting them.  She knew better than to try and talk to anyone.  She would be recognized as a foreigner in about one second, veil or no veil.

She walked on, her feet killing her, the rising sun turning the chill air into the breath of an oven.  By nine am she was forced to find shade and water.  Making her way to a village well she stood in line with some other women and filled her zip-lock bag with water.  When one of the women tried to speak to her she made the universal sign of the deaf mute and some wordless noises to drive the point home.

The woman reacted with sympathy and made signs that she should come with her.  Carmen pointed to the road and made signs that she needed to continue walking North.  The woman shook her head emphatically, then enlisted the help of several other women and soon Carmen was being hustled into a courtyard. 

Standing there, waiting for her, was the black stoker from the ship.

"You didn’t wait for my friend."  He said, producing a coil of rope with a grin.  "We were worried about you."

Carmen tried to bolt but the other women blocked her way.  Soon, she was stripped down to her western dress once again with her arms tied up behind her back and the ball gag back between her teeth.  Hobbling her with a short rope tied between her ankles, the stoker then redressed her in the stolen burnoose, tied the veil back over her lower face to hide the gag and hustled her out to a waiting car.

The trip to Cairo took several hours, during which the stoker proved himself to be bisexual after all.  By the time they were driving into the city’s suburbs Carmen thought she might be in love.

The car drove into another courtyard and Carmen was taken out of the back seat and hustled through a darkened doorway.  By the time her eyes adjusted to the darkness inside she was once again garbed only in her little black cocktail dress, black nylons, spike heels and opera length kid gloves.  She was being presented to a seated fat man, wearing a black silk dressing gown that made him look like Sidney Greenstreet.  Speaking in an English accent, the fat man said.  "Welcome to your new home Ms. Pindus, you may call me Master Lloyd.

Carmen was forced to her hobbled knees on the rug in front of the fat man’s huge easy chair.  Her gag was removed and her face was pressed to the floor between his slippered feet.  "Tell Master Lloyd how pleased you are to be here."  Growled the stoker behind her.

Carmen said, "Please sir, I am frightened."

Lloyd chuckled and said, "There is no need for you to be frightened, my dear.  Your duties here will be no more onerous than those you performed on the Princess."

"But Master, I need to get to Athens.  My little sister is dying and only I can save her."

"A slave needs only one thing, my dear, she needs to please her Master." Lloyd said, bending down to lift Carmen’s face from the rug.  "And if you fuck half as good as this fine fellow says you do, you will do splendidly here."

"Master please, let me save my little sister and I will be anything you want."

"You will be anything I want you to be, whether or not I let you save your sister."  Lloyd said, letting the severe tone in his voice reveal the iron hard core within his marshmallow façade.  "But, if it will make you more attentive to your duties we can arrange to have some of your bone marrow sent to Athens."

"Oh Thank you Master.  You won’t be sorry, I promise."

"I am seldom sorry, my dear, if anyone has regrets it is usually one of my girls, understand?"

"Yes Master." was all Carmen could say through her sudden tears of relief.  "I will repay your kindness a thousand time over."

And so Katrina got the bone marrow transplant she needed, Master Lloyd got the slave girl he wanted, The stoker got the gold he wanted and Carmen got the Master she’d always dreamed of having. 

And they all lived happily ever after, until they didn’t, but that’s another story.