by Peter Loaf

Twin dildos mounted, top of a stool
The model seated, bare bottom fool
My legs wide spreading
My shyness shedding
Pussy juice dripping, starting to pool

Bondage preventing, dismounting trick
Pussy lips stretching, stool getting slick
The cameras circle
The viewers jerkle
Moll Flanders presents, getting rich quick

Pay per view millions, piece of the pie
Dildos vibrating, cannot deny
A toothbrush torments
The rigger invents
Rising to limit, trying to fly

My sundress lowered, my titties proud
Tickle touch nipple, my breathing loud
A ring gag strapping
Pussy lips clapping
His foreskin slipping, hes well endowed

Gag gargle sucking, head in His grip
The toothbrush mounted, my senses rip
My vulva gripping
My tonsils stripping
Jenny directing, pussy juice drip

My juice collected, bottled and sold
Pheromones smelling, hard-ons unfold
The cash flowing in
Were selling them sin
Molly my Mistress, my story told