Standing Order
by Peter Loaf

Sisterhood revels, Nuns Satanic
Best house on campus, Mid Atlantic
The pledge left standing
The ropes demanding
Naked and shackled, start to panic

High heeled and collared, strap on her wrist
Hands fixed together, her shoulders twist
Pulled up behind her
Hanging rope binder
Hobble link loosened, pussy lips kissed

Satanic Sisters, circle around
Pussy lips piercing, a strangled sound
The ring inserting
A thing for hurting
Stretchy flesh swollen, and pulling down

Cords to her ankles, passed through the ring
The pledge regretting, doing this thing
High kick sheís holding
Darkness enfolding
Sisterhood leaving, pussy lips sting

After an hour, balanced in dark
Quiver leg shaking, condition stark
Someone unlocking
So softly knocking
Sister of Satan, bottom to mark

The whipping brutal, welting her rump
Bound and delivered, canít even jump
Intentions dire
Bottom on fire
Pussy lips leaking, like a ditch pump

Sisterhood revels, new memberís turn
The members gather, her bridges burn
In circle sitting
Too late for quitting
Pussy lips licking, her place to earn