Spinning Wheel
by Peter Loaf

Ring gagged and naked, spread open wide
By hair suspended, his wheel to ride
Screaming for mercy
Chapter and versey
Eight heads to torture, an egg inside

Clamp on my titties, tightened with rope
Knots on my nipples, the death of hope
The dial turning
Pussy slaps burning
Sometimes too greedy, a goofy dope

Started as always, “You want a date”
Black van no windows, from out of state
The john so gentle
A little bental
The shackles closing, oh dreaded fate

Stuffing my pie hole, my panties wad
Lashing my ankles, strength of a God
Driver’s seat taking
Get away making
The pervert chuckled, a cattle prod

The road was bumpy, the final hour
The motor quiets, cutting the power
Lifted to carry
Joseph and Mary
The moonlight shadowed, church’s tower

Taken up steeple, stood on my feet
Vista below me, utter defeat
Valley deserted
Purpose perverted
Noose in my tresses, helpless complete

Spinning wheel slapping, spinning quiet slow
Pussy juice splatters, pheromones flow
The whips and paddles
A prod for cattle
Hairbrush’s bristles, striking below

And deep within me, vibrating mass
My G spot gripping, alack alas
The speed increasing
My pain unceasing
Moonlit hills echo, empty and vast

The motor stopping, pausing my ride
His finger worming, so high inside
My juices flowing
My wet spot showing
His pecker shoving, slippery slide

Pussy lips gripping, buggered behind
Hung up and helpless, bending my mind
Tickle slit burning
The wheel starts turning
Slap zap and paddle, subbie space find

Hands on my boobies, nipples explode
High in my pussy, vibrating load
My garden hoeing
My vision going
Deep in my anus, his living goad

High hard and heavy, orgasms come
String puppet tangled, pounding the drum
The cymbals crashing
Hot urine splashing
Passing from knowing, deaf blind and dumb

Back on my corner, cash in my bag
Fucked to a frazzle, limp as a rag
My pimp appearing
His anger fearing
To alley taken, my heels drag

“What is the meaning, where is the rest?”
The cash in his hand, failing his test
Backhands me brutal
Resistance futile
A quiet popping, two in the chest

Kidnapper coming, out of the dark
Blood soaked and shaking, terrified stark
“Come be my subbie”
“I’ll be your hubby”
Grinning he leads me, smile of a shark

Spinning Wheel