by Peter Loaf

Hooded and hobbled, brought to this place
Stripped of my clothing, end of the chase
Lashed to an upright
The bindings so tight
Hoodwink removing, my captorís face

I do not know him, his eyes aflame
The barn deserted, my naked shame
My boobies swelling
My useless yelling
The pussy splitter, struggles to tame

A ring gag strapping, behind my teeth
His fingers tickle, dripping beneath
Pussy juice stinking
Wide-eyed unblinking
His fingers probing, my tender sheath

Gag garbled pleading, does me no good
My body burning, held by the wood
My nipples pointing
Fingers anointing
Passion gasps helpless, misunderstood

My captor chuckles, turning away
His satchel searching, new toy to play
Fighting my binding
My panic blinding
A jar of spiders, fearsome display

His panic picnic, the hated shape
The creepy crawlers, thereís no escape
My eyes wide open
The slippery slopiní
Pole dancing captive, ready for rape

My captive pleading, Iíve come so far
His pets collecting, back in the jar
Spider bites burning
Wide pussy yearning
Captive will broken, playing for par