Spider And Fly
by Peter Loaf

My engine dying, out in the night
The nearest farmhouse, the only light
I came aíknocking
A Tazer shocking
Waking in basement, the bondage tight

Shiver cold concrete, no place to wake
My captor missing, taking a break?
The basement quiet
Try to untie it
Ball-gagged and hog-tied, for heavenís sake

Ropes on my shoulders, ropes on my arms
Ropes on my titties, displaying charms
Panic restraining
Slavery training
Hopeless position, sound the alarms

Try to remember, his shadowed face
It happened so quickly, itís hard to trace
Feelings come rushing
Pussy lips blushing
Wet wide and juicy, my subbie space

Footsteps above me, opening door
The light returning, wet to the core
Stocking mask hiding
A crop for riding
Coming to visit, his helpless whore

Rolling me over, a plug of wood
Knees nipples forehead, pork in my pud
Shoved up my shitter
Power log splitter
Wiggle kick struggle, does me no good

Package of passion, taken for ride
Plug in my bummer, his meaty pride
Passion containing
The ropes restraining
Throbbing cock filling, high up inside

Monthly reunion, me and my guy
The game worth playing, spider and fly
Subbie space tripping
His jizzum dripping
Our needs fulfilling, donít ask me why

Spider And Fly