Spank Me Master
by Peter Loaf

Hung up inverted, middle of cell
Rope on my ankles, secrets to tell
My butt in a bind
My Master unkind
Butt up presented, His magic spell

Hard braided leather, whipping my ass
The pain amazing, horny too fast
The thong tips reaching
My echoed screeching
Pain bringing passion, my vistas vast

My subbie lusty, my ticket there
My pussy juicing, my Masterís care
Fingers exploring
Love tunnel boring
G spot massaging, bucking and bare

The chain hoist lifting, big smelly prick
Up throat Heís shoving, big ugly stick
Gargle and gagging
My deep-throat bagging
Flogger on bottom, something goes click

Subbie lust spasms, nipples perking
Flogger inciting, far from hurting
My Tonsils get creamed
As good as I dreamed
Hung up inverted, pussy squirting

Collar chain lifting, still in my squat
Big pecker prying, my hole so hot
Suspended swinging
Deeper thrusts bringing
Vulva lips gripping, hitting the spot

My next position, face boobs and knees
His big dick driving, my anus squeeze
Still coming I chum
My Master ainít dumb
Magic orgasm, whole body sneeze

Spank Me Master