Smokey’s Revenge
by Peter Loaf

The forest burning, a smokey hell
The ranger raging, ringing the bell
My campfire gone wild
And charges were filed
The tree-hugger judge, here I must dwell

Nakedly seated, circle of ash
Cold ashes blowing, blacken my ass
A time of reflection
On natural selection
My all night vigil, plus ten grand cash

Sitting up balanced, I dare not fall
The ranger towers, seems ten feet tall
Sunset then twilight
The irons too tight
Night falling quickly, the coyote’s call

Wrists ankles windpipe, staked out as bait
No moon and cloudy, left to my fate
Bottom cheek waddle
Bunged in a bottle
Inching toward hilltop, full panic state

Thunder in distance, no shelter found
My body sweating, ash blows around
Blackened white bimbo
Left here in limbo
The lightning flashing, a dried up pond!

Double speed waddle, afraid I’ll drown
My inching progress, so tightly bound
The first drops heavy
Waddle up levee
Thunderstorm driving, the crashing sound

Careless exhausted, flopping to side
Tar baby looking, the death of pride
Ranger returning
Merit badge earning
Carried to pickup release denied

Coated and muddy, tired and cramped
Rutted road bumpy, still body clamped
Taken headquarters
Getting his orders
Hosed down delivered, the judge encamped

His Tent of Teaching, “Stay and listen!”
My body held stiff, with oil glisten
Face fucking seated
By irons defeated
Tipped over backward, pussy kissing

Face down position, screaming muffled
My pussy gooshin’, I’m kerfuffled
His pharaoh’s cushion
His cock soon pushin’
The judge’s member, feathers ruffled

And as he’s screwing, he’s teaching bits
Fire safety rules, he never quits
His irons holding
Gagged against scolding
My anus piercing, shuddering fits

Seven hour lesson, the hard men come
Smokejumper rangers, hoodwinked and dumb
Three holes no waiting
Smokejumpers dating
Firebug reforming, smelling like chum

Shackles unlocking, given my clothes
My car returning, a kiss he blows
My body aching
A bun I’m baking?
Stagger Lee driving, my story closed

Smokey’s Revenge