Slumber Party
by Peter Loaf

Sorority sisters, they soon will be
The party popping, the turning key
Two pledges helpless, their wordless plea
Naked in bondage, membership fee

Invited to party, sisterhood rite
Innocent pledges, no chance to fight
Stripping and binding, the ropes too tight
Left in the darkness, bring back the light

The door swings open, lighting the room
Two helpless pledges, waiting their doom
The frat boys hooded, coming to loom
Their mission carnal, have to assume

Helpless in bondage, lifted to bed
Rolled on their tummies, it goes unsaid
Greasy hard fingers, the Crisco spread
Gag garbled protests, gonna get bred

Bound in position, butts in the air
Two pledges pleading, a sexy pair
Hard hands come spanking, hurting them there
Bottoms up burning, just isnít fair

Pussy lips open, dripping with need
Swollen and throbbing, hungry for seed
The first ones ready, pussycats treed
Thunder-fuck thrusting, doing the deed

Two pledges serving, two-dozen cocks
Cum by the bucket, taking their knocks
Sorority sisters, the hunky jocks
The party over, the ticking locks

The house grows quiet, the creaking stair
The light returning, itís so unfair
Sobbing submissives, needing some care
Dykes wearing strap-ons, getting their share

The newest sisters, wrapped in their rope
Cum covered captives, slippery slope
The dildos bigger, Ďtis hard to cope
Subbie space magic, the finest dope

High as a rocket, stretching around
New sisters serving, going to town
Pussy juice pumping, their mewing sound
Sisterhood watching, they gather round

Passionate captives, shudder and buck
The dykes demented, nibble and suck
Their eyes pinpointed, and thunderstruck
Rising crescendo, starting to truck

A slumber party, better to know
Night of hot passion, put on a show
Come the sunís rising, the cawing crowThe pledges pinning, the afterglow