Slave Ship
by Peter Loaf

Windjammer cruises, the Spanish Main
The crew of cutthroats, role playing game
Safe harbor clearing
Africa steering
White slaver pirates, out of Bahrain

The men for ransom, freedom for sale
Women in training, sexy young tail
Trophy wives taken
Sexy slaves makin’
The slave mart waiting, windjammer sail

The Captain’s cabin, shackles of steel
Naked young woman, slavery real
Garter belt stockings
Mizzen mast lockings
The black snake threatens, her cheeks to weal

Butt first a fucking, gripping her hips
Finger clit wiggle, coming to grips
His hard cock trying
Her anus prying
Double fuck fingers, spreading her lips

Her pain filled protests, his driving cock
Her boobies gripping, shock after shock
Her shackles rattle
His sexy chattel
Windjammer service, from dock to dock

In bilges plotting, the captive men
Helpless in irons, where to begin
Hairpin discovered
Freedom recovered
The goon comes checking, revolt within

The goon soon dying, gun locker key
The noise is covered, the captive’s plea
Windjammer taking
A new course making
The cutthroat’s bodies, into the sea

Slave Ship