by Peter Loaf

My Master’s dungeon, naked alone
The shadows dancing, fantasy prone
Latest invention
Evil intention
Kneeler contraption, my sins atone

My Master coming, his morning pride
Bent and suspended, his bondage bride
Pussy lips dripping
Pussy clamp gripping
A swinging sinker, his thumb inside

Gag garbled grunting, wiggle and jerk
Three finger goosing, going berserk
Greasy hot jelly
Up in my belly
Bugger oh bugger, lopsided smirk

“Slavey meet Sizer, mechanical dong”
“Your Master’s wishes, to me belong”
Gag garbled pleading
Fucking I’m needing
Slowly inserting, the sizing prong

Turning it slowly, opens it wide
Stretching my colon, trapping inside
Tickle clit teasing
Nipple tip squeezing
A second turning, the death of pride

A gentle caning, swinging tits bite
Bent and suspended, the bondage tight
My anus stretching
I look so fetching
Pussy lips welting, he has it right

After an hour, screwing it closed
The sinker falling, perfectly posed
My master pressing
Keeping me guessing
Asshole or pussy, gonna get hosed