by Peter Loaf

Girl from the college, skinny and sweet
Some extra money, working the street
Trick turning student
Not very prudent
Man with a satchel, helpless complete

First sign of trouble, rope on her wrist
Starting to protest, held in a twist
Lover's lane lonesome
Just out of Folsom
Hands bound together, you get the gist

Taken to factory, abandoned plant
A knotted kerchief, protest she can't
Expert the roping
College girl coping
Panic comes crashing, escape she shan't

Short shorts and halter,
Miniskirt sweater, cutting away
Glasses reflective, nothing betray
False bearded disguise
The man with no eyes
Dropping his trousers, ready to play

Hung like a hawser, unclipped and red
Dripping with semen, its hooded head
Squeaking and leaking
Clitty comes peeking
Girl from the college, abandoned shed

Rolling her over, up on her knees
Bottom presented, she's bound to please
He's getting a grip
He's ready to rip
Door bursting inward, Chief of Police

Wrapped in a blanket, back of the squad
College girl shivers, thanking her God
The Chief proposes
A bed of roses
"Kids need a sitter, I'll pay a wad?"