Sit Stay
by Peter Loaf

It started funny, joking with girls
Stranger eves-dropping, gathering pearls
Fantasies telling
Labia smelling
Secrets confessing, her flag unfurls

Potted plant hiding, twirling mustache
Kidnapper plotting, needing some cash
Ripe and so randy
Needing some candy
In mirror watching, the subbie slash

Getting up leaving, hat shielding face
Paying for dinner, leaving the place
Hiding in shadow
His target to know
Her Buick starting, drunk driving charge

License plate number, call to a friend
Her address given, her name is Gwen
Three o’clock sneeking
The subbie seeking
A pillow holding, cannot defend

Bound hands to ankles, put in his trunk
Driving for hours, hogtied and drunk
Hood and gag holding
Her unheard scolding
Taken to cellar, door closing clunk

His quiet cellar, a concrete floor
Hands bound and hooded, garbled implore
On concrete sitting
Ankle ropes splitting
Arm bondage lifted, then the ignore

Night of discomfort, sitting alone
Through knothole watching, stroking his bone
Then in the morning
Quite without warning
Head sack removing, photos for home

Ransom the object, well at least one
But candy is dandy, the prize is won
Helpless as kitten
Rabid dog bitten
Hands on her body, party begun

Video camera, shooting the scene
Hooded attacker, hurtful and mean
Her panties ripping
Her pussy gripping
Two fingers slipping, captive demean

Hoisting the wrist rope, lifting her ass
Slide in beneath her, give her the gas
Humping and thrusting
A bronco busting
Hung up and helpless, this too shall pass

The ransom package, found at the door
His darling daughter, used as a whore
His banker calling
Ransom appalling
A fixer hired, revenge and more

The ransom dropping, eyes in the sky
A spy plane filming, from way up high
Kidnapper coming
The waters chumming
Bicycle swooping, buzzing fly by

Back in the cellar, suffer alone
The captive sitting, tired to the bone
A puddle of piss
His farewell kiss
Her rescue coming, some mercy shown

Bicycle hiding, a waiting car
Kidnapper fleeing, not getting far
The fixer fixing
Kidnapper trixing
The cops alerted, the sheriff’s star

Caught in a roadblock, kidnapper trap
The fixer grinning, holding a strap
Prisoner taking
Prisoner shaking
His methods using, he started this crap

Give me the address, or suffer fate
The fixer grinning, cleaning his plate
Shackles spread eagle
Isn’t quite legal
His balls bound tightly, with blood inflate

Kidnapper watching, his eyes are wide
Testicles hurting, forgetting pride
With strap attacking
Inner thigh smacking
Screaming like pussy, taking the ride

The address babbled, just a few blocks
The swat team crashing, the flash bang shocks
The girl remaining
The ropes restraining
Moved to a stretcher, stiffening cocks

Sit Stay