A Simple Divorce
by Peter Loaf

No lawyer needed, settlement done
The gag ball filling, argument won
Her hands behind her
The rope to bind her
Pussy ring tugging, she cannot run

Honeymoon over, he’s had enough
Viper’s tongue pinning, knowing his stuff
To harem headed
To Sultan wedded
Gag garbled pleading, his orders gruff

Her seatbelt fastened, pinning her back
The leash beneath her, splitting her crack
In back seat fastened
The beamer gassin’
To airport headed, alas alack

Stopping for moment, hat with a veil
Helpless she struggles, his bride for sale
Finger lick tickle
Girl in a pickle
Pussy lips dripping, ready to nail

To hangar driving, Sultan awaits
By pussy leading, the closing fates
Package protesting
His bondage besting
Pussy lips tugging, in dire straights

The waiting Gulfstream, overseas bound
Her assets stolen, her rights impound
Might making rightly
She’s bound so tightly
Half naked helpless, so ripe and round

The Sultan paying, fortune in gold
Her pussy swollen, story so old
One juicy subbie
Hard hearted hubby
Bound and delivered, to slaver sold

His Royal Highness, hooka smoking
Watching her struggle, his cock stroking
Her leash controlling
Her bells are tolling
Infidel training, his fires stoking

Taking advantage, bed in the back
Flying united, giving no slack
The hours of passion
The cultures clashin’
Bound and delivered, riding crop smack

Landing at palace, the desert sands
Helpless and hobbled, the leash demands
To harem leading
Gag garbled pleading
The others crowding, too many hands

A Simple Divorce