by Peter Loaf

Helplessly hanging, bar in Deadwood
Arms in a binder, head in a hood
My pussy swollen
Shaft in my colon
Upended swinging, got me but good

Moll Flanders party, internet cast
My charms presented, my vistas vast
Horny Iím stinking
Labia pinking
Deaf dumb and blinded, making it last

Touching my nipples, kissing my clit
Hung high and horny, doing my bit
The cameras casting
My passion lasting
Tongue in my vulva, shuddering fit

My Master humming, breathing his heat
Pussy presented, helpless complete
Suckle my clitty
Showing no pity
Head down and horny, my life so sweet

Tongue like a drain snake, knowing its way
Upended swinging, I cannot stray
My passion growing
My passion showing
Pay per view perverts, my passion play

Pleasures full measure, vibrating wand
Titty whip stinging, driven beyond
Passions emoting
Passions exploding
Loving my subbing, unbreakable bond

Master and subbie, earning our pay
Subbie lust needing, public display
Internet freedom
Baily and Barnum
Moll Flandersí Showtime, our time to play