By Peter Loaf

Shipwrecked young woman, hitting a rock
Half drowned survivor, shivering shock
Party of faithful, out on a walk
Disciples of Robert, clinging to dock

The sole survivor, found half aware
The island private, His secret lair
Carried to castle, helpless and fair
Cult Leader grinning, sitting in chair

Bikini bottoms, all that remain
Questions so crazy, sinner detain
High Holy justice, endless refrain
Hand bound and helpless, struggle and strain

Sinner found guilty, kangaroo court
Sent to the dungeon, old Spanish fort
Tied to a pillar, the oldest sport
The Leader alone, gag garbled snort

Spreader bar buckles, clip on her nip
Dildo he’s showing, its shiny tip
Hotwired and ready, ready to rip
Shipwrecked young woman, quivering lip

Maidenhead splitting, ripping her wide
Bitter tears flowing, so tightly tied
Stretching and fetching, can’t be denied
Shot of high voltage, her g spot fried

Choking and screaming, shaking in fear
The dildo inside, hot running tear
Clitty clip gripping, keeping it near
Second one coming, shoved up her rear

Dancing the tango, voltage higher
Shiver and shudder, her inner fire
Gag garbled pleading, condition dire
Eyes rolling upwards, starting to tire

Dildo removing, lifting her feet
His phallus dripping, hard manly meat
First fucked and bucking, his captive treat
Sex slave converting, victory complete

The night of horror, dancing His jig
His cock meat swinging, dripping and big
Jack Daniels bottle, stopping to swig

Hot wired forgotten, fixed in her rig

The first light finding, hanging so long
Captive converted, dripping his dong
Cherry stained bleeding, treated so wrong
Choir attending, singing His song

Leader-praise singing, God’s second son
The cult of Robert, training begun
Broken survivor, from neck she’s hung
Tied tight and hopeless, her race is run

Shouting in distance, “Cops on a raid!”
The choir screaming, consciousness fade
Sprinting for chopper, parked in the shade
Robert the Leader, the plans he’s made

Dressed in light armor, cops gather round
Hung high and sparking, the girl they found
Shipwrecked survivor, quickly unbound
So limp and lifeless, fall to the ground

Slowly returning, lying in bed
Body is burning, out of her head
Doctors and nurses, fiancé led

Her hopes renewing, back from the dead

Taken by current, found far at sea
A rescue party, setting her free
The Leader deposed, the faithful flee
The Cult of Robert, again to be

Flying at wave tops, skimming away
Robert the Godhead, winning the day
Tracking his movement, satellites say
George and his cronies, earning their pay

The cult of Robert, friends at the top
Hiding in Whitehouse, the cops to stop
Corruption complete, the funding chop
The cult of Robert, setting up shop