Shiny Black Leather
by Peter Loaf

Shiny black leather covers my eyes
Body suit cutting, up between thighs
Gag ball inflated
It’s over rated
Tight sleeve for binding, portable prize

In back seat sitting, long climbing ride
Smokey black windows, for me to hide
My Master attends
To subbie space sends
Straps tightly buckled, The Purloined Bride

A party going, Hollywood style
My safety signal, give it a trial
“Hey diddle diddle”
“I need to widdle”
Signal ignoring, mile after mile

Gravel road bumpy, switchbacks ascend
Ear popping quiet, cannot depend
Sitting there horny
Shooting a porny
Cattle guard crossing, right near the end

Out of car taken, feeling the draft
Rattling shackles, people who laugh
Pussy lips splitting
Squirting and spitting
Weakness exploiting, His Master Craft

Through a door pushing, wet musty smell
Underground dungeon? My shiver’s quell
A stairway to climb
Dropping my dime
The belfry climbing, Church of the Dell

High mountain chapel, abandoned long
For bondage weddings, doing no wrong
Slave girl n’Master
Sneaky old bastard
Subbie lust showing, to Him belong

Tethered abandoned, left standing here
Footsteps descending, squeezing a tear
High horny waiting
Ready for dating
Cameraman Carl, smelling of beer

Some close-ups shooting, pinching my nose
Gag tether fighting, my panic shows
The church bell tolling
Tether chain pulling
Lower lips swollen, red as a rose

Tight crotch unsnapping, pressure released
The blood returning, my clitty creased
High horny and hot
A girl on the spot
Ringing bell struggles, fingertip teased

Cameramen circle, unzipping fly
Pussy juice gushing, cannot deny
Shiny black leather
Dancing on tether
The faithful calling, hip bones to pry

Then comes a stranger, into my ass
Humping I struggle, a sandwiched lass
Subbie submitting
My hip bones splitting
Fore and aft fucking, “Give her the gas!”

Clanging bell drawing, curious crowd
Watching the action, member’s allowed
Shiny black leather
Deep in the heather
Subbie lust gushing, subbie lust proud

Then it is over, I stagger out
Tether chain snubbing, a muffled shout
Wedding now over
Rolling in clover
Pay per view riches, without a doubt

Follow the tether, still in my rig?
To post he’s hitching, another gig?
Too many fingers
Subbie lust lingers
Circle jerk center, freshly fucked pig

Shiny Black Leather