See Me
by Peter Loaf

“See me after class!” the teacher’s note
She knows what he wants, knows it by rote
His balls are aching
Advantage taking
Discipline session, tonsils to coat

Favorite co-ed, sex addict cute
Juicy and loosey, just in from Butte
Corn fed and ripened
Here on a stipend
Stripping and posing, his living loot

Going to closet, finding some rope
Sitting and waiting, bundle of hope
Arms and legs lashing
Nipple tips mashing
Wet finger wiggles, his swelling pope

Spread wet and ready, tied in a chair
Schoolhouse deserted, she doesn’t care
Her lips she’s licking
There’ll be no kicking
Pheromones rising, her teacher snare

Kneeling before her, lickity slit
Subbie space sailing, oh please don’t quit
Mustache entangled
Nothing new fangled
Lick-slitty lapping, shudder and shit

She can only wiggle, giggle and sigh
Clitty bite suckle, old college try
Her passion perking
His tongue berserking
Stands up and straddles, bringing it nigh

Taking him gladly, swallow him down
Pheromones filling, passion new found
Tied tight and choking
Passion provoking
After class session, with pussy hound

See Me