by Peter Loaf

Waking up shaky, hung over hurt
Whole body aching, his greeting curt
“You made a promise”
“My name is Tomas”
“Sunnyvale Rehab, my helper Burt”

Hogtied in leather, harness and sheath
Near naked captive, white sheets beneath
Burt the gorilla
Mask of Godzilla
Cattle prod holding, my gritting teeth

“Aversion Extreme, popular cure”
“Hangover punished, habits impure”
“Tea total daughter!”
“This rehab oughter!”
My father the prude, sentenced to tour

Thomas my teacher, careful caress
Hogtied I struggle, making a mess
Pussy juice stinking
Subbie lust sinking
Headache forgotten, trying my best

Sparky the zapper, chasing around
There’s no escaping, tender bits found
Flopping fish screamer
Fuck-me froth creamer
My answered prayers, so tightly bound

My Daddy’s daughter, a kinky bitch
Powerfully driven, my Master switch
I cannot hide it
Not once I tried it
Burt and his Sparky, tremble and twitch

The camera watching, my father’s eye
Upstairs he’s stroking, eye in the sky
Screaming in passion
Cattle prod flashin’
A finger comes dipping, my swollen pie

Hoisted to dangle, cutting feet free
Hands on my boobies, sniffing my bree
Burt’s arms envelope
Muscles develop
Burt likes to bugger, ok with me

Screaming and lusty, put on a show
Naked and helpless, pleasure I know
My Daddy’s delight
My bondage so tight
Video Rehab, we’re turning pro

Ying and yang daughter, fucked up the butt
Generous lover, making the cut
Humping and coming
Pony cock bumming
Flutter kick screamer, deep in my rut

After it’s over, cuddle in tub
Daddy’s big fingers, sore muscles rub
Pay per view riches
The Punished Bitches
My Daddy and me, Master and sub

Make believe Daddy, little sex game
Acting outrageous, subbie to shame
My Sugar Daddy
His name is Paddy
Ying and yang lovers, it’s just the same