by Peter Loaf

New Masterís schooner, tied to a post
Naked awaiting, my gracious host
The darkest of deeds
So lately of Leeds
My slavie raging, making the most

Mulatto beauty, chocolate skin
Pink in the middle, juicy within
Loving my training
White panties staining
Knowing my purpose, party begin

Hooded and hidden, faceless and dark
My panties ripping, His pork to park
Spread ankle shackle
Tighten the tackle
Pink pussy stretching, high-water mark

New owner female, lesbian Dyke
Number nine strap-on, She calls it spike
My brown eye fucking
Kicking and bucking
Gag garbled screaming, whatís not to like

Slavie-state revels, headmistress Pam
Sex tourist rental, the bleating lamb
Wide hot and dripping
Love muscle gripping
Nipple tips crinkle, my bursting dam