Scavenger Hunt
by Peter Loaf

Scavenger hunting, sorority stunt
List of odd objects, the players hunt
The doorbells ringing
The objects bringing
In attic hanging, one stupid cunt

Bobbie sox Betty, hunting alone
A big old mansion, a wall of stone
Iron gate creaking
Candlestick seeking
Peter the Pervert, to attic shown

Boxes and baskets, spiders and mice
Musty and dusty, not very nice
Young and so pretty
It’s such a pity
Cloth soaked in either, trussed in a trice

Hung from the rafters, she’s coming around
Head spinning sickness, helplessly bound
Wiggle kick moaning
Ready for boning
Half naked co-ed, juicy and round

Holding the bucket, wiping her lips
The sickness passing, coming to grips
A sip of sweet cider
Her eyes growing wider
Hands on her body, her nipple tips

Screaming attempted, ready for that
Ball of foam rubber, the dirty rat
Her face he’s taping
Ready for raping
Her panties lowered, her pussy pat

Suckle nip nibble, tickle her clit
Hung high and helpless, shudder and shit
His eyes glowing red
It’s going unsaid
Peter the Pervert, captive halfwit

Left ‘til the morning, wrapped in his rope
Rescue not coming, hope against hope
Dawning day lighten
Kicking and fightin’
Hung up and helpless, been such a dope

Climbing the ladder, grin on his mug
Coming to cuddle, giving a hug
Tickle clit teasing
Nipple tips seizing
Screaming in panic, bug in a rug

Helplessly hanging, feeding her fire
Nipple lick suckle, higher and higher
Bottom cheeks gripping
Pussy lips dripping
Passion suspended, condition dire

Bed in the corner, a mattress bare
Cut down and carried, flopping down there
Dropping his trouser
Stiff dripping wowser
Bound in a package, going nowhere

Rolling her over, up on her knees
Her skirt he’s lifting, her brown eye sees
Peter’s red pecker
Biggest home wrecker
Her hips he’s gripping, she’s bound to please

Pussy lips spearing, swollen and wet
Gag muffled screaming, not ready yet
Pussy juice gushing
Her body blushing
The piston pumping, game match and set

Riding his pony, vulva gripping
Peter the Pervert, power tripping
Peter the rabbit
His co-ed habit
Orgasms helpless, ready ripping

Next week Northwestern, one step ahead
Serial rapist, merry chase lead
Peter perverted
Co-ed converted
So many pussies, appetite fed