Saving Souls
by Peter Loaf

Demon demanding, “On Holy ground!”
“Graveyard at midnight!” Making no sound
Carnal connection
Hot seed injection
Passing out passion, someone around

Devil smoke vapor, leaving me cold
Fresh fucked deserted, story so old
Good Brother walking
Suddenly gawking
Devil sperm dripping, his arms enfold

Caught in the church yard, and brought below
Stripped for inspection, my shame to know
Devil’s mark finding
My body binding
Clinking pall stretching, his eyes that glow

Made of oak timbers, leather and steel
My body naked, part of the deal
Stretched out and straining
Four way detaining
Hands of my captor, coming to feel

Darkness consuming, silence of grave
The scraping razor, painful dry shave
Armpits and pussy
Getting so juicy
The rack efficient, for training slave

His throaty whisper, “God save you now!”
His fingers spreading, “Cunt of a cow!”
“Your guilt to confess!”
“Your sins we’ll address!”
“Your soul we’re saving, My rules allow!”

Good Brother Raymond, fingers inside
Stretched out and helpless, nothing denied
Inquisitive pinching
The handle inching
My body His toy, sitting beside

Fingers in vulva, thumb up my ass
Try to remember, roll in the grass
Billy goat fucking
His red dick sucking
Stagger forth smiling, well ravaged lass

Our secret meatings, our carnal trysts
My powers growing, the magic mists
Unholy lover
Enemies suffer
My powers useless, ankles and wrists

Face in my business, tongue like a snake
Self ordained captor, liberties take
Good Brother Holy
And rolly polly
Huffing and puffing, man-titties shake

Purple face straining, brother amuck
His pecker wooden, my nipple suck
His seed he’s sowing
Heart attack knowing
My Power released, brother death struck

Demon appearing, grin on his face
Loosens the lashings, languorous pace
“His soul you have saved!”
“Perfectly depraved!”
“Come be my consort, come to my place!”

The Pit of Hellfire, toasty and warm
The demons dancing, the sinner swarm
Fucking each other
Welcome the Brother
Eternal Orgy, undoing harm

My goat-y lover, fucking me slow
From throne of fire, pleasure I know
The heaven I need
My stallion’s hot seed
Moll Flanders Castle, the endless show

Saving Souls