by Peter Loaf

Iím sacked and shackled, kept in the dark
Self propelled prison, a captured nark
Taken at airport, from the car park
Future uncertain, hands of the shark

The drug lord chuckles, "Down on her knees."
"Bind her legs separate, tight if you please"
"Body delightful, ransom to squeeze"
Leather sack holding, hostage to seize

Hogtied and helpless, tape over lips
Each ankle binding, under my hips
DEA agent, courier trips
Secrets in briefcase, valuable tips

Leg spreader pointed, poking my thighs
Pussy lips dripping, lust on the rise
My secret longing, drawing the flies
Pussy juice dripping, passion the prize

A quiet buzzing, the sound of doom
Iím sacked and shackled, here in this room
The dildo slipping, high in my womb
Jackhammer power, passion to bloom

A strap for holding, way up inside
Darkness descending, pressure applied
Wet dreaming secrets, but never tried
Buzzing big monster, hell of a ride

Tipping me over, on knees and face
Cropping my bottom, closing my case
Tape hindered screaming, agentís disgrace
Passion comes crashiní, finding my place

Thumb in my bummer, greasy and slick
High hot and ready, his pony prick
Thunderfuck filling, into the quick
Double fucked agent, canít even kick

The ransom paying, my weight in gold
Dropped of in Quito, story so old
Still sacked and shackled, back in the fold
My wet dreams vivid, my Master bold