by Peter Loaf


Jingle-bells ringing, tugging and bright
Sulky so empty, bouncy and light
Hopeless run-a-way
On such a nice day
Master Small chasing, my bondage tight

Hoof-boots and harnessed, naked and bound
Pussy lips stretching, bells bouncing round
Pony girl passion
Quarter mile dashin’
Time without torment, pastures newfound

Huffing and puffing, the fat old pig
Ponygirl training, feather light rig
Run-a-way reason?
Pony in season
High hot and horny, need Master Big

Master Big phallus, favorite ride
Trapped by the fences, nowhere to hide
Gotta keep moving
Jingle-bells grooving
Master Small phallus, won’t be denied

Orgasms threaten, with every stride
Gates and high fences, on every side
Dripping and open
Green pastures lopin’
Run-a-way pony, so tightly tied

The waves come crashing, stagger and hump
Jingle-bells dancing, tugging they bump
It isn’t quite fair
My two Master pair
Ponygirl captured, broken to stump