Rough Trade
by Peter Loaf

Met him out clubbing, drops in her drink
Waking up naked, the basement stink
A ring in her nose
Her legs cannot close
Hung up and hurting, brought to the brink

Hung from a gallows, arms bound behind
The sex slave serving, Master unkind
Her legs stretching wide
His mustache to ride
Heels and a corset, girl in a bind

Hands on her bobbies, twiddle and twirl
Tongue up her pussy, the helpless girl
Rocking and reaming
Gasping and screaming
Lickle clit suckle, her senses swirl

Big meaty organ, sliding inside
Screaming and creaming, taken for ride
Sweating in rivers
Shudder and shivers
His fucking fixture, so tightly tied

Humping and thrusting, stretching her wide
High hot and throbbing, roughly applied
Love muscle clenching
His organ trenching
Hung up and helpless, nowhere to hide

Passion unwanted, screaming for more
Hard bound and naked, his helpless whore
Kicking and creaming
Wet pussy dreaming
High hot and helpless, tough keeping score

Vibrator buzzing, high up within
Her vision blurring, bug on a pin
Sexy slave serving
Richly deserving
Orgasms crashing, once and again

Rough Trade