Room Service
by Peter Loaf

The guest requesting, service renowned
The girl delivered, soft knocking sound
A floor length wrapper
Helpless night capper
Waddle duck follow, sex tourist hound

Straps on her torso, her swollen tits
Leg spreader buckled, all the best bits
Her asshole gripping
Afraid itís slipping
A crop for riding, the service Ritz

Penis gag gargle, to bed post hitched
Hands in their mittens, gonna get switched
The bellboy tipping
The sex slave dripping
His night of revels, the bitch bewitched

The probe withdrawing, tickle her tail
Harnessed and ready, how can he fail
Pussy lips swollen
Spreading her pollen
His hammer stiffend, the Holy Grail

Butt first a beating, her pearly spheres
Bent spread presented, blushing to ears
Whistle smack smarting
Only just starting
Her bottom burning, her scented tears

After a while, itís apple red
His cock is throbbing, his spinning head
Helpless and ready
Pussy lips spready
Sex tourist paying, heís got the bread

Collar unclipping, turning around
His lap sheís sitting, her anus found
Well greased and open
Wide pussy gropiní
Nipple pinch bouncing, so tightly bound

Room Service