by Peter Loaf

First night patrolling, just out of school
Police woman new, untutored fool
The grizzled sergeant
Stony faced ardent
Chauvinist bastard, men-only rule

Dark window flickers, on the third floor
“Watch the rear exit!” opening door
Left in the moonlight
She shivers in fright
Office block building, above a store

The alley quiet, nothing to hear
Her truncheon gripping, trembling fear
A sudden crashing
And two men dashing
Pissed panties dripping, standing right here

The sergeant huffing, red faced and mad
He saw it happen, secretly glad
The burglars ran by
She didn’t even try
His eyes are crinkled, oh happy lad

“The lock is broken, stay here and guard”
The Sergeant leaving, sprinting for Yard
Wet panties tossing
Doesn’t like bossing
Follow her orders, trying so hard

The building quiet, she’s so alone
Resolved and ready, her sin atone
Door handles rattle
Losing her battle
Sound in the cellar, her heart turns stone

Cellar door open, darkness below
The light switch flipping, shouting “Hello?”
The steps descending
Her job defending
Theatrical storage, props for a show

Someone behind her, the door has shut
The lock is ticking, the captured mutt
The empty cellar
A clever feller
Trapped in the dungeon, stuck in a rut

Climbing a ladder, high window here
Seam splitting jumper, baring her rear
The sergeant coming
She hears his humming
A costume of course, shedding her gear

He comes too quickly, clothes left behind
Fleeing in stockings, garter belt bind
Sprinting for freedom
Speed laws exceedum
One Rooky Rocket, they’ll never find

Old sergeant grinning, video file
The rooky running, three minute mile
She’ll never return
Her bridges to burn
Chauvinist bastard, happy awhile