by Peter Loaf

Bent over spreader, elbows behind
Ass up presented, bitch in a bind
My teacher chuckles
His belt unbuckles
The strap comes slapping, subbie space find

Billy club probing, my greasy ass
Finger slip pussy, the blackest mass
Hands in my tresses
Give ya three guesses
Gargle gad swallow, top of the class

Rogered and dodgered, three holes to fuck
Subbie lust swimming, starting to truck
Hard handled titty
Man without pity
Wiggle kick screaming, fucking I buck

A butt hook planting, up on tip toes
The leather slapping, red as a rose
The pussy stretcher
The dirty lecher
Smelling his jelly, swallow His hose

Subbie space loving, gargle and choke
Voice box invading, His deepest poke
Hung by my plumbing
Coming and coming
A break we’re taking, a can of coke

Helpless well rogered, hook up my butt
The stretcher shoving, keeps my mouth shut
Tasting my jelly
Cock in my belly
Pussy lips griping, ready to rut

Slippery sliding, into His hilt
Hands on my boobies, my passion built
Bottoms up bottom
City of Sodom
His semen gushing, he doesn’t wilt