by Peter Loaf

The morning coming, the race today
Currie combs grooming, horse muscles play
Stables deserted
Purpose perverted
Three hooded cowboys, their guns display

Rodeo riders, barrel races
Taken from stables, covered faces
Hoodwinked and harried
Tasered and carried
The girls disappear, without traces

Driving four hours, moaning in back
The hands are brutal, head in a sack
Motor home rolling
Slaver bell tolling
Two more for market, endless attack

Stripped of their clothing, cut off in rags
Dressed in red corsets, one of them brags
“A sellers market”
“You better hark it”
“Sex slaves forever”, removing gags

Scolding reproval, sound of a slap
“Were you spoken to?” The crops first tap
Nipple tip swollen
Their freedom stolen
Training beginning, Master/slave crap

Motor home stopping, carried outside
Hoodwinked and hand bound, half naked pride
The high heels zippered
The captives kippered
Bent over railing, paddle applied

Hoodwinks removing, old movie set
Men standing naked, dripping and wet
Saloon business good
Tight to the wood
Slave market open, billionaires get

“Two virgin cowgirls, offered today”
“Toothsome and chewy, horny display”
The bidding begins
The wheel it spins
As bidding rises, bodies betray

Tall dark and handsome, His eyes are hid
The money passes, twelve thousand quid
“Do you deliver?”
Sold down the river
Sex slaves forever, their Master’s bid

Penthouse Manhattan, out of the trunks
Roughly delivered, the dirty skunks
Writhing reaction
His satisfaction
Hobbled and shaky, couple of drunks

An hour shower, nooses detain
Then body powder, gentle refrain
Makeup applying
Nail polish drying
Dressed to perfection, their panties stain

To slave cells taken, tied on their backs
Their arms extended, like jumping jacks
Their hobbles holding
Fingers emboldened
Pupils pinpointed, her armor cracks

Their Master standing, naked and stiff
His dick is dripping, his manly whiff
Virgin’s conversion
Master’s perversion
Ankle ropes fixing, offering gift

Bending and pressing, tongue in her groove
Filly un-ridden, starting to move
Her instincts saving
Her pussy’s craving
Hymen head ripping, something to prove

Flopping fish fucking, tied to the bed
Sister slave watching, her blush is red
Pussy juice pumping
Her pulse is jumping
Wanting what’s coming, let it be said