by Peter Loaf

Taken out naked, the captive maid
Enemy princess, taken in raid
The prince is waiting
Intent on mating
Politics power, the game is played

Alliance forging, the conquered land
His heir apparent, brutal demand
The altar prepared
The princess ensnared
Ring garbled pleading, her fate is planned

Body reacting, a drug forcing
Pussy lips perking, hot blood coursing
A hot spreading blush
A hot heady rush
Body a traitor, rape endorsing

Hung by her tresses, ankles and knees
Elbows together, she’s bound to please
Her pussy gaping
Her future shaping
Hot pussy dripping, smelling of cheese

Nipples extended, swollen so tight
Spread eagle bondage, her virgin night
A crowd has gathered
Her pussy lathered
Tickle clit wiggle, high as a kite

The ring gag propping, she cannot speak
Her drool is dripping, she’s up the creek
Nipple pinch twiddle
His fingers fiddle
Thumb up her bummer, her wordless shriek

Five way suspension, hung up display
Body blush burning, passions betray
Sensations strobing
His organ probing
Pussy lips splitting, she cannot stray

Her hymen stretching, a stabbing pain
His organ driving, her spreading stain
Maidenhead sundered
Her pussy plundered
Driving within her, zapping her brain

Fucking her slowly, taking his time
Her pussy dripping, her passion’s slime
Finger tips finding
Clitty tip minding
Thunder-fuck ripping, reason no rhyme

The crowd applauding, cheering him on
Spread-eagle captive, her wordless song
Her passion growing
Her pussy knowing
Semen gush flushing, hammer and tong

The arrows zipping, men on the walls
Her rapist grunting, before he falls
He’s arrow studded
His highness gutted
Her father’s archers, his daughter calls

The princess rescued, cut down at last
The prince is dying, his terror past
Her father’s crooning
She’s loony-tooning
Her subbie lusting, her vistas vast