by Peter Loaf

“Take her away!” He said, lounging back in the cushions of His golden throne. “Teach her to show her betters more respect!”

The two goons gripped Suzy’s elbows and forced her to hop between them out of the throne room. She was still dressed in her street clothes but her hands and feet were tightly bound in rough textured rope. Instead of the big double doors she’d been brought in, she was taken out through a smaller iron bound oaken door to the right of His throne. The doorway led to a small antechamber and a second heavy door, this one padded with mattresses on both sides. They forced her to hop down three flights of stone stairs and through yet another padded door. When they closed the door behind her she saw that it too was padded against sound. Her Master didn’t mind if she screamed. As far as He was concerned, she could scream all she wanted. He just didn’t want to hear it.

Once the third door was behind them, the two goons forced Suzy’s face against a post and told her to open her mouth wide. She struggled all she could but before long six inches of rounded shovel handle were lodged in the back of her throat and tied in place behind her neck with a thick leather thong. The shovel handle was about four feet long and fastened through a hole drilled through the post. When the thong was tied, they loosened a clamp and shoved the handle further through the hole so that she was forced to hobble backwards, exposing her helpless body to anything they might to want to do to it. She was stuck, like bug on a pin. Her arms and legs were untied and her clothing removed.

Without thinking she reached up and fumbled with the gag thong but regretted it when the black goon growled and sliced a barker's cane into her naked ass. “Hold your arms behind your back or I will do it again.” He whispered into her blushing ear. “Go ahead, do it. Now!”

She complied, not seeing any choice in the matter. Her bottom felt like it had been sliced to the bone.

Forced by the gag to stand still, Suzy felt her body being bound in the classic upper body bondage that held her arms high and tight up against the middle of her back. Her breasts were bound into twin turrets of aching, throbbing, discolored woman flesh. The white goon watched her face closely as he placed two toothy clamps on her nipples and twiddled them. Her right ankle was captured, bound and hoisted up beside her head, exposing her hairless slit to the eyes of her captors.

Then the caning began, the thin whippy bamboo slicing into her bottom, thighs, calves, breasts and finally open pussy, making her fuck-me froth splatter into the air, further inflaming the two goons with her scent. The white one came and knelt before her, his wet tongue lashing at her swollen, rock hard clit, briefly delving her dripping hole, before being replaced by three knowing fingers which reached up and began massaging her G spot from within. Meanwhile the black goon rolled on a sheepskin and began probing her ass, slowly stretching her anus and invading her colon with his fat, turgid member.

Held by the gagging shovel handle, fucked fore and aft, Suzy began to spasm and buck, her tightly bound breasts close to bursting in the death grip of the black goon’s powerful hands, her throbbing love button being buzzed between the white goon’s lips, her G spot being massaged by three hard fingers.

When it was over they let down her foot and left her there, panting and dripping, very nearly unconscious.

The next time they brought her before her Master she pretended total submission, then tried to kick him in the balls. They weren’t so gentle with her that time.