Rental Agent
by Peter Loaf

The client meeting, wanting to sell
The house deserted, ringing the bell
The door creaks open
To strains of Chopin
Hard bodied handsome, a manly smell

The foyer shadowed, my eyes adjust
The art expensive, and upper crust
His presence behind
His captive to blind
Useless my screaming, victim of lust

Hoodwinked and hobbled, stripped to the skin
Naked and helpless, I cannot win
Inflated tight mitten
Left alone sittin’
White noise to deafen, fearful within

Tape wrapping ankles, binding my feet
No weight supporting, defeat complete
His hands come roaming
His fingers homing
My pussy dripping, fingers smell sweet

My inner subbie, internet cruise
Wet-dreaming of rape, cherry to lose
Fantasy dreaming
His sheets I’m creaming
Chicken young virgin, use and abuse

Riding crop tapping, nipples to perk
Hard bottom slapping, reflexive jerk
Hands and knees walking
Inner ear talking
“Your scent is spreading, going berserk”

Hand bound and silent, having no say
Hot penis rubbing, gag garbled “Yea!”
Doggy position
Man with a mission
Nuclear fission, cherry red spray

My virgin passage, open the gate
His organ enters, too long I wait
High hot and ready
His grip to steady
Sex and submission, the subbie fate

Orgasmic hours, rubbing me raw
Leaving me crawling, calling the law
Splintered door smashing
SVU crashing
DNA sterile, called lantern jaw

Rental Agent