Red Rider Ridden
by Peter Loaf

The rope embracing, my tangled web
Red headed virgin, tied in my shed
Proud pussy swollen
Thumb in her colon
My tongue is testing, her maidenhead

Her struggles futile, too tightly bound
Her cries are useless, no one around
Her clitty suckle
My belt unbuckle
Zipper unzipping, my pussy hound

Quarter yard penis, dripping its slime
Gripping her titties, on top I climb
Pussy lips spreading
Glory hole heading
Maidenhead popping, her cherry prime

Cunt muscles gripping, around my cock
Slowly Im fucking, hard as a rock
Spiky sheath wearing
Maidenhead tearing
Screaming and creaming, key in her lock

Nipple lick suckle, nibble and bite
My hips keep grinding, she cannot fight
Her green eyes glowing
Her passion knowing
Her cries converting, the ropes so tight

My cock withdrawing, Im going down
My tongue so limber, her g spot found
My mustache staining
In bondage straining
Licky slit nuzzle, so tightly bound

Red ridden virgin, screaming in need
Hogtied and helpless, libido freed
My dick is twitching
For pussy itching
Copious creaming, needing to breed

Back in the saddle, into my hilt
Pleasures come humping, her passion built
Faster and faster
Knowing her Master
Her juices spurting, onto the quilt

My time is coming, my rising tide
My cock is thrusting, so deep inside
Her pussy gripping
My seed shes stripping
Red rider ridden, nothing denied

Slave girl and Master, the perfect pair
Ying and yang couple, Stallion and mare
Our needs completing
Demons defeating
Fitting together, pleasures to share
Red Rider Ridden