by Peter Loaf

Her first day working, kept after hours
Overtime earning, the business towers
Chloroform sneaking
A sex slave seeking
Shackled and helpless, within my powers

Awareness coming, mumble and jerk
Her clothing shredding, making short work
The gag ball garbles
Take all the marbles
The stocks are locking, my peckerís perk

Red headed vixen, smoldering eyes
Her boobies perky, the perfect size
Nakedly fetching
Long weekend stretching
Trapped in my irons, the perfect prize

Cuffs on her ankles, rattle the chain
Neck and wrist irons, the slave detain
Her nipples tighten
Her senses heighten
Lifted to balance, a swishing cane

Hobble-step leading, the vault equipped
Hooked to her collar, her bottom gripped
The pulley rope tuggles
Flutter foot struggles
Hands on her body, her nipples clipped

The lash comes slashing, raising hot wheals
The pain comes crashing, her screaming peals
My fingers slipping
Her pussy dripping
Gag garbled pleading, useless appeals

A box positioned, her tippy toes
A scent from heaven, reaching my nose
Spreader bar strapping
Pussy wide trapping
Licky slit suckle, she cannot close

Fish on a stringer, shudder and buck
Thumb up her bummer, fresh out of luck
Dancing in passion
Welts from her lashiní
My cock is throbbing, ready to truck

Orgasm flooding, pussy juice flows
Nipples unclipping, the show of shows
Gripping her titty
Biting her clitty
Hung up and helpless, humping my nose

Hands on her body, thereís no escape
The irons holding, pussy agape
Nipples re-clipping
Jagged teeth gripping
Pleading for seeding, needing my rape

Butt first her pooper, a rubber plug
Pump on the Puka, its swelling snug
Pussy lips swollen
Her passion stolen
White slaver agent, full frontal hug

My pecker slipping, so high inside
Stringer fish wiggle, starting to ride
Helpless ní horny
Free will soborny
A slave girl making, breaking her pride

Orgasmic weekend, sold in Beirut
Shipped in a limo, locked in the boot
I make a great living
Training Iím giving
Sent to a brothel, newest recruit