Rebel's Regret
by Peter Loaf

Becky was a born troublemaker.† Thatís why she was sent here to a girlís school in Switzerland.† She just would not curb her tongue, or, for that mater, her libido.† Coming from the United States, she was not yet accustomed to the idea of the unquestioned authority that is the norm in Swiss private schools.† When her instructors would say something that she knew was wrong, she would boldly contradict them, right in class, right in front of the other students.† When they would explain to her that her task was to learn what was being taught rather than express her naÔve and uninformed beliefs, she retorted that stupid was stupid and that unquestioned authority was as stupid as it got.

At first they tried giving her extra schoolwork to do, hoping that losing some of her free time and lack of sleep might break her of her bad habits.†

It didnít work.† Instead of breaking her resistance it only made her more rebellious, more intractable.† They tried threatening her with expulsion.† But she only laughed at them, saying that leaving this school was the best idea sheíd heard yet.

Things finally came to a head when she tried to walk out of her Hygiene class after Mr. Von Meijer stated that masturbation caused insanity, especially in women.

She didnít get very far.† Two of the school proctors caught up with her in the dorm where she was packing her bags and the next thing she knew she was being frog marched into the headmasterís study.

The headmaster was sitting behind his large desk across from Becky, his expression grave.† He listened to Mr. Von Meijerís version of events, looked through Beckyís discipline folder, closed it and, speaking quietly, he informed her that having exhausted all other means they would now try corporal punishment.

At this news Becky tried to get up out of her chair but the two proctors were standing behind her with their hands on her shoulders, keeping her in her seat.† "My father will not approve if you try anything physical." she said, hoping it was true.

"On the contrary, Becky, I have your fatherís express permission right here in your file." he said, showing her a signed letter from her father.† "Let me read what he says, ĎIf it becomes necessary to resort to corporal punishment the headmaster is hereby authorized to go to any reasonable lengths to insure Beckyís proper conduct.í"

Becky looked at the signature and knew her father had at last given up on her.† The knowledge hit her in the gut, driving all hope right out of her.†

"Take her to the punishment room, I will be in directly."† The headmaster said to the proctors, turning back to some papers on his desk.

Becky tried to fight the two proctors but they had no trouble frog marching her between them through a door and into a windowless room next door to the study.† There she discovered a whipping bench built of heavy timbers and equipped with strong leather straps designed to hold its victim completely still.† She saw the cross bar attached at one end but did not at first understand what it was for.† She was forced to lie down on her front and the proctors quickly shackled her wrists together beneath its heavy planks.† Next they wrapped a heavy strap over the back of her neck to keep her from rearing up.† A second strap cinched tight across the small of her back pulled her hips into a leather-coated cradle that raised her bottom into perfect position.

It was when she lost her panties that she started screaming.† They paid her no heed as they then lifted her dress, exposing her bare bottom to view.† She tried to keep her sex from their gaze by keeping her legs tight together but that was when she discovered the purpose of the cross bar.† Once her ankles had been strapped out to the ends of the bar she knew herself totally exposed.

Finished, the two men walked out, leaving her alone with Mr. Van Meijer sitting behind her, where he had an unhindered view of her stretched open sex.

"Please sir, it isnít right that you should see me like this."† Becky said, struggling to close her legs.

"You should have accepted school discipline, Becky, now you will discover the power of pain."† Van Meijer said, watching her fleshy flower unfolding between her spread legs.† "The headmaster is well known for his skill at breaking rebellious young ladies.† It is why parents send their troublesome daughters to him."

"My father would never approve of this!"† She said, straining against the bench.

"He already has."† Said the headmaster, walking into the room and closing the heavy door behind him.† In his hand was a long slender whip made of tapering leather braided around a spring steel core.† On its tip was a split cracker designed to provide maximum pain with minimal injury.† He walked over behind her and looked down at her exposed sex.† "My, what a pink and swollen pussy you have, Becky my dear.† Perhaps before we are done today you will provide us with a little sexual relief.† I see from your file that you lost your virginity several years ago, so it wonít be anything new for you."

"Donít even think of raping me."† Becky threatened, knowing there was nothing she could do to stop them.

The whip whistled down and bit her across both bottom cheeks, leaving a white line of fire that would soon be a painful welt.† "Ahiagh!" screamed Becky, making the bench creak as she strained against her restraints.

The second blow was a little lower and aimed so that the cracker splattered her pussy juices, cutting off her screams as if heíd used an axe.† After that it became a blur of pain and passion and more pain and even more passion.† Becky found herself begging for the two men to fuck her and thus quench the raging lust she was feeling under the whipping.† They obliged, taking turns filling all of her orifices, sometimes all three at once when they used a vibrating dildo on her vagina while the two men used her ass and mouth.

By suppertime Becky was covered in come and welted from her sacral dimples to the soles of her feet.† She was also now more of a rebel than ever before.† For she had found that for which she had been searching and she was never going to give them any peace again.

Her only regret was that sheís waited so long to discover the joys of discipline.