Rape Shackles
by Peter Loaf

The starlet eager, wanting the role
The mountain cabin, his hidey hole
Casting couch weekend, paying the toll
Tit for tat trading, reaching her goal

Last thing remembered, sipping her drink
Headache awakened, sound of a clink
Collared contraption, the dirty fink
Wrist ankle shackles, an iron link

Waiting in darkness, naked and cold
Slave woman helpless, story so old
Her Master’s pleasure, needn’t be told
White slaver training, gonna be sold

Iron box opened, training begun
Rape shackles holding, under the gun
Pussy lips prodding, needing to run
Fucking and sucking, shackled for fun

Pussy lips greasing, fingers inside
Larding her anus, ready to ride
Shackled and helpless, nowhere to hide
Starlet delivered, can’t be denied

Pony prick probing, gasping for air
Shackles presenting, juicy and rare
Subbie lust blooming, under his care
Pony prick filling, well serviced mare

Pony girl passion, subbie lust rule
Her Master Masters, using his tool
Fucking and sucking, subbie lust school
Passion comes crashin’, the spinning pool

Satin sheet comfort, breakfast in bed
Master comes calling, blushing so red
Pony prick promised, the sentence said
The part is offered, her spinning head