Questions Unanswered
by Peter Loaf

Questions unanswered, questions un-asked
Inquisitors three, hooded and masked

Suspect on kneeler, butt presented
Tormentors tying, trousers tented

Full figured inmate, gagged with a rod
Finger fuck greasy, the dirty sod

Positioned perfect, going nowhere
Inmate resistance, never a care

Taking turns fucking, struggle and squeal
Captive lass learning, the dirty deal

Titty grip squeezing, into his hilt
Nipple tips harden, his semen spilt

Then comes the second, no chance to rest
Asshole heís fucking, passing the test

Third one is female, armed with a hose
Spearing her bottom, helpless her pose

Gut stretching pressure, pushed to the brink
Titty whip limber, welts turning pink

Gag garbled pleading, paying no mind
Belly distending, whipping unkind

Forced to her climax, pussy dripping
Weights on her nipples, toothy gripping

Third clip the meanest, weighted swinging
Clitty pinch torment, answers wringing

The hose removing, the cork in place
A strap-on donning, set up on race

Jackhammer buzzing, thrusting inside
High wide and helpless, taken for ride

Pussy lips gripping, canít be denied
Dildo demented, way up inside