Punishment Extended
by Peter Loaf

Slave seller Master, sent here to think
Foot in a shackle, rattle the link
The deepest dungeon
Grumpy curmudgeon
Slave girl restraining, the final clink

Wrists barred behind me, punishment ball
Back breaking billet, in case I fall
Hung up and horny
My problem thorny
The darkness falling, footsteps in hall

The guard patrolling, comes every hour
Shivering shudders, the naked power
Slave seller spying
A rescue trying
Saving my sister, the highest tower

The light returning, put in a hood
Lifted and steadied, displaying good
Hopping and hoping
Wrist shackles roping
Ring in the ceiling, a gag of wood

Tippy-toe dancing, leg in the air
Fingers come greasy, a thrusting pair
Pussy and anus
Shackles detain us
Bent and presented, the dragonís lair

Hot throbbing meaty, stretching my lips
Soon itís within me, wedging my hips
My clitty spanking
My courage tanking
Fingers beneath me, pinching my nips

Thunder-fuck-thrusting, dancing in space
Clitty snap trapping, double the pace
Spanking my bottom
Smoke if you gotíem
The final furlong, end of the race

A second lover, thrusting so deep
Gag garbled pleading, the horny creep
Orgasm rising
The slave despising
Learning the layout, the Masterís keep

Two men exhausted, third lining up
His phallus bigger, stretching my cup
Tippy-toe dancing
Roughest romancing
Spread red and swollen, the well fed pup

Orgasms rushing, out of the blue
The slavers knowing, Ďtis nothing new
My cover blowing
My juices flowing
Gag ball removing, phallus to chew

Dancing one leg-ed, cock in my throat
Cock in my pussy, big as a stoat
Passion storm rising
Just the right sizing
Slave girl pretenses, a sinking boat

Then when its over, left in my fix
Arms barred behind me, the shackle kicks
Twin sister bringing
A cropping stinging
Twin sister turning, getting my licks

Sold as a double, three times the price
Our buyer careless, trussed in a trice
Looting his treasure
Taking our pleasure
Left in his dungeon, nuts in a vice

Punishment Extended