Pump Room
by Peter Loaf

My Master wicked, and sexy too
His bondage special, and always new
I follow lusting
My subbie trusting
Hand bound and hobbled, bubbling stew

My triggers tripping, my Master mine
The handrail gripping, the stairs decline
Factory deserted
Purpose perverted
Master sub loving, impatient whine

Taken to pump room, pushed to the floor
Second sub basement, noisy pain whore
The steel door locking
I need a good cocking
My passions raging, ready for more

A pallet waiting, my blushing rose
Ass up and spreading, summersault pose
My ankles lashing
My titties mashing
Pussy juice dripping, I cannot close

My Master standing, holding his chin
His pain whore hoping, heíll soon begin
Swishing His Bippy
Finding it trippy
Wordlessly waiting, tasting of tin

The first cut sneaky, my lower back
Surging and straining, a second smack
Slicing my nipple
Losing my gripple
Screaming out lusty, frenzied attack

The pallet holding, ass in the air
A pause for kissing, welted and rare
The names Iím calling
Subbie space falling
His trousers dropping, next Iím aware

First a tit fucking, then a good suck
His nose in my business, subbie in luck
His welts are burning
For more Iím yearning
Buzz kissing clitty, starting to truck

Thumb in my anus, cock in my throat
Passion fire roaring, my tonsils coat
Bippy stick lifted
Bare pussy gifted
My clitty explodes, sinking my boat

Sub basement echoes, my lusty screams
His Bippy stinging, my pussy creams
Nipple tips aching
Punishment taking
Bippy stick whistles, my wettest dreams

Toothbrush electric, clitty rings dance
High wide and hopiní, at johnson glance
Member recover
Angels to hover
Stroking and stoking, member enhance

Pussy upended, needing Him now
Held in position, the broody sow
My Masterís in me
Feels big as a tree
Iím bound to be free, passion and how

Back in the penthouse, smoking some hash
Fingers trace weltings, fruit of the lash
Master and subbie
Witch Hazel rubbie
Two happy people, having a bash

Pump Room