by Peter Loaf

The doctor’s office, medical tower
Patiently waiting, ‘til after hour
Secrecy needed
Caution unheeded
The starlet seeking, Doctor Devour

Hollywood hottie, a tittie lift
Her breasts are sagging, gravity’s gift
Wig and dark glasses
Sleepy-time gasses
Waking up helpless, she cannot shift

Strapped in position, ankle and wrist
Belted and collared, a foggy mist
Blindfolded panic
Chuckles so manic
Hands in the darkness, her nipple kissed

Fingers find clitty, tickle and tease
Rubber glove covered, her whispered pleas
Pussy lips swelling
Pussy juice smelling
Titty clamps squeezing, her nipples seize

Pain/passion rising, struggles in vain
Restraints are stronger, nothing to gain
Tickle clit torture
Pepper sauce scorcher
Spearing her anus, zapping her brain

Plug up her bummer, puka pump sound
Dildo inflating, stretching around
The chair upended
Head down suspended
Helpless in passion, so tightly bound

A ring gag fitted, stretching her jaw
His penis probing, stuck in her craw
Her tits he’s gripping
He’s power tripping
Doctor Devour, swallow him raw

Buzzer hum hearing, touching her clit
Bucking and sucking, shuddering fit
Cock in her airway
Climbing the stairway
Black stars exploding, doing her bit

Orgasms spasm, fountain of piss
Gasping and grasping, passionate kiss
Nipple clamps leaving
New heights achieving
His seed comes gushing, hot sticky bliss

Leaving her panting, desperate for air
Her boobies lifted, her sexy pair
Her tits perfected
His fee collected
The starlet serviced, strapped to the chair

Hollywood doctor, high in his tower
Beauty and glamour, his skill has power
Her boobies lifted
Her fortunes shifted
Casting couch calling, Doctor Devour