Princess in Pokey
by Peterloaf

Princess In Pokey

Princess in pokey, collared'n cuffed
Deep in a dungeon, treated so rough
Hooded tormentor, knowing His stuff
Hogtied and tethered, more'n enough

Lash marks show crimson, my screaming loud
Titties and pussy, perking and proud
Chain rattle struggles, the watching crowd
His loincloth stretching, so well-endowed

The lash comes calling, leaving a line
Twisting and turning, girl in a bind
Hurting and helpless, out of my mind
Princess in pokey, the finest kind

Hairless puss leaking, the cracking lash
The crowd so quiet, the painful slash
Part-playing princess, done something rash
my freedom traded, a bag of cash

my bridges burning, hurting and lost
my slave awakened, count not the cost
The flash of passion, my flesh embossed
Passion storm rising, Rubicon crossed

The whipping over, barely aware
Princess in pokey, under His care
His organ swollen, He's kneeling there
my pussy stretching, the maiden's prayer

Passion sea sailing, dismasted raft
Hogtied and helpless, gripping His shaft
The crowd approving, His passion craft
Humping hot harlot, driven half daft

Pussy-clench coming, my passion quest
Orgasm screaming, giving my best
His fists are gripping, my burning chest
Passion hump trumping, reaching my crest

Then it is over, shudder and twitch
Princess in pokey, scratching my itch
Topping my bottom, son of a bitch
Moll Flanders magic, isn't it rich?