by Peter Loaf

Skinny-dip morning, the quiet lake
My belly extended, baking’ a cake
Weightless relieving
Blessings receiving
My robe is missing, for heaven’s sake

Someone is watching, hiding in woods
Skinny-dip skinny, showing my goods
The cabin is open
Girl’s only hoping
Sprinting for shelter, two men in hoods

Wrists bound before me, long coil of rope
Pleading I cower, mercy I hope
The shotgun prodding
The trail plodding
Deep in the forest, a barefoot dope

A beech tree spreading, a hanger large
The masked men silent, but still in charge
The rope coil tossing
The shotgun bossing
Hung up and helpless, big as a barge

Hands come caressing, my baby kicks
With eyes he smiles, nipples he licks
Camouflage stripping
Sanity slipping
“Don’t hurt my baby!” two grinning pricks

Rope on my ankle, tied up to wrists
One legged dancer, frightened, I pissed
One stands behind me
Greasing his tree
One kneels before me, wet pussy kissed

Buggered and bothered, cannot escape
My passion rising, it’s double rape
Cock in my bowel
Throw in the towel
Tongue in my pussy, my lips agape

My baby kicking, dancing a jig
Cock in my bottom, it’s really big
Passion comes thunder
Subbie spell under
Sound from the forest, a snapping twig

My hubby grinning, cock in his fist
The masked men laughing, I get the gist
Hubby’s a joker
This one’s a corker
Hung out for service, I’m really pissed

Back at the cottage, snuggle abed
Subbie and Master, we’re newlywed
The blessings of lust
My lover I trust
My baby and me, and hubby Ted