by Peter Loaf

He has the power, Heís come to play
Tied down and tethered, Iím on display
My aching boobies
My swollen rubies
His eyes are burning, His naked prey

Toppy toe dancing, leg in a kick
Tickle touch rubbing, bending to lick
My pussy dripping
His lips are nipping
Ready for ripping, His meaty stick

Suckle my clitty, tongue in my bum
Licking my slitty, rumbling hum
Gag garbled pleading
Passion exceeding
Ready for breeding, needing to come

Power-play Master, itís his domain
Panting in passion, try to explain
My gaping pussy
My juicy loosy
Trumpet blast buzzing, zapping my brain

Dancing demented, foot in the air
His phallus probing, gripping my pair
Slipper-slide thrusting
Hung up and lusting
Finding my G spot, hiding in there

Clitty pinch twiddle, fucked to a T
My passion spiking, spurting my pee
My Master blaster
Fucking me faster
Pussy proud captive, big as a tree

The session over, cuddle and croon
My passion draining, starting to swoon
Power-play fucking
Heís really trucking
His pills are working, again so soon?