Pony Park
by Peter Loaf

In darkness stumble, my heels too high
Half naked pony, my nasal cry
Garden I wander
Tripping I founder
Gentleman lifting, pussy to pry

The garden private, twenty foot walls
Several young subbies, their nature calls
Hooded and silent
Half naked client
Pussy Park visit, time in the stalls

The darkness complete, inside the hood
Shirt of tight rubber, got me but good
Stump broken stagger
Pumping the gagger
Waist down Iím naked, needs ubderstood

Wandering fuckers, dicks in the dark
Faceless and quiet, their style stark
Pussy drip semen
The double teaminí
Breeders cup betting, the pony park

Bent and inspected, fingers intrude
Then a hard penis, new interlude
Hitching rail binding
His rhythm finding
Deeply heís thrusting, hot spunk is spewed

Subbie space shelter, watch from above
The fuckers fucking, tight as a glove
Sometimes in tandem
Itís all so random
Cocks in my pockets, push comes to shove

The bell is ringing, the session done
Left on my lonesome, out in the sun
My trainer leading
Inner thighs seeding
Coach horns sounding, racing begun

Sulky shafts hitching, fresh semen drips
Buggy whip touching, hot swollen lips
Pony girl meeting
Rivals defeating
My driver teasing, my subbie trips

Suited in rubber, out in the heat
Hitched to the sulkies, smelling so sweet
The crowd is cheering
My driver steering
The pace car followed, ponies compete

The whip comes popping, lunging away
My long legs pumping, buttocks in play
My months in training
Buggy whip paining
My time improving, winning today

The backstretch crowded, digging for lead
The drivers driving, their mighty steed
Popping star anus
Need to explain us
Pony girl subbies, feeling the need

Public exposure, sexual bend
My subbie surging, cannot defend
Helpless Iím horny
Briar patch thorny
Toss me in Massa, nirvana send

The track is endless, my legs not tired
The popping constant, my boiler fired
Lunging for finish
Feeling my spinach
The ribbon breaking, my goal desired

The winners circle, crowding around
Fingers exploring, some pussy hound
Bent over table
Helpless unable
Winnerís stump breaking, new passion found

Pony Park