Pony Girl
by Peter Loaf

My Master chuckles, ďThe prize you winĒ
Hoof-boots and corset, the bit within
Nipple clamps squeezing
Intent on pleasing
Vibrating bugger, the games begin

High stepping pony, hands cuffed behind
My butt caressing, his eyes so kind
On cobbles clatter
Mad as a hatter
The crowd impatient, out of my mind

The spotlight blinding, the cheering mob
Debut as pony, ring Master Bob
Circus performer
The perfect stormer
Dancing and prancing, doing my job

Each move Iím making, my titties bounce
Nipple clips biting, feel every ounce
Vibrating bugger
Big as a mugger
High stepper prancing, jiggle and jounce

Put through my paces, the crowd goes wild
My rising passion, starting so mild
Crowd soon forgotten
With lust besottiní
My nut Iím busting, one happy child

The whip heís popping, strutting my stuff
Orgasmic dancing, collar and cuff
Pony Girl nation
Standing ovation
Pussy lips swollen, my dripping muff

Sent for inspection, up in the stands
Pussy juice sampled, other demands
Soon I am verging
Libido surging
The pony passing, from hands to hands

Handcuffed and hampered, sat on a bench
Panty string cutting, a naked wench
Pussy lips gaping
Someone is taping
Thunderfuck ripping, my fingers clench

Double fucked pony, submissive bliss
The next one female, her knowing kiss
Sucking my pussy
Lapping up juicy
Panic and passion, starting to piss

My stockings lumpy, with all my tips
The bills bad enough, the chips on clips
My Master counting
Pheromones founting
Subbie submitting, coming to grips

Master and pony, out on the town
The strip aglitter, looking around
My private smile
Iím happy awhile
Pussy fart burbles, our smells surround

Pony Girl