by Peter Loaf

Iím flannel footed, I stalk my prey
Silently climbing, ready to play
The vacuum whining
My careful timing
A cape and a mask, junk on display

Chambermaid cleaning, under a bed
Hands and knees posing, noosing her head
A slave girl taken
My vows forsaken
Binding her tightly, with nothing said

Chambermaid struggles, giggle suppressed
Binding her shoulders, boobies expressed
Cutting her clothing
Faking her loathing
My hands are hungry, her boobies pressed

Plump and delicious, fear tightened nips
Stuffing and bandage, her finger tips
The perfect body
Chambermaid Maudy
Pleasing her Master, my finger slips

Her slit is juicy, her clitty hard
Fighting like tigress, sanity shard
Gag muffled screaming
Like Iíve been dreaming
Binding her ankles, handful of lard

My Johnson greasy, my victimís eyes
Titty-fuck squatting, my captured prize
Nipple tips clipping
My foreskin stripping
Pony cock primping, all about size

Pussy juice pumping, I catch its scent
My greasy member, intentions bent
Nasal protesting
My dick goes questing
Booby-fuck gripping, her wonderment

Subbie space voyager, my chambermaid
My bonded servant, proudly displayed
My daily gaming
Chambermaid taming
Plump titted subbie, so richly paid

Nipples clipped cross-eyed, my gripping fists
My cock in heaven, a rosy mist
Sliding and riding
Cleavage residing
Pain pleasure passion, her nipples twist

The mattress soaking, squirting fountain
Chambermaid blushing, coup Iím countiní
Changing position
No opposition
Ass up presented, ready mounting

Pussy lips dripping, thumbing her nub
Moaning frustration, deep in her sub
My cock comes teasing
My subbie pleasing
Ramming ass backward, engulfing club

Rocking and reaming, thunder-fuck ride
Bippy stick hurting, bottom applied
Subbie lust coring
My ears are roaring
My semen gushing, way up inside

Post-coital cuddle, unwrapping gag
Gasping and frantic, shivering jag
Chambermaid scrappy
Master so happy
Popping Viagra, next taser tag