Pixie Perfect
by Peter Loaf

A pixie perfect, green eyes and blond
Her face in freckles, always been fond
Her nextdoor freshness, taking beyond
A photo session, the beauty bound

The pixie posing, her cowgirl boots
High-pockets curvy, prick teaser roots
Her fearless manner, “Just call me Toots”
The moment perfect, the camera shoots

Pussy lips peeking, winking brown eye
Model fee earning, high as the sky
I’m gladly paying, oh me oh my
Pecker pride swelling, it doesn’t lie

Hands held behind her, begin the game
Wrists gripped in iron, the pixie tame
Holding her helpless, staking my claim
Fondle frisk fiddle, I’m glad she came

Surgical rubber, padding her gag
My own invention, don’t like to brag
Zipper tie holding, she’s in the bag
The collar closing, easy to drag

Helplessly drooling, soaking her shirt
Nipples protruding, perky and pert
Helpless and happy, the little flirt
A change of clothing, what could it hurt?

In sundress posing, she is not shy
Ready for session, old college try
Cameraman shooting, the widened eye
Bundle of plastic, the chair to tie

Her bottom showing, wiggle and wave
Camel toe swollen, her dripping cave
A moan so needy, cameraman Dave
Doing his duty, image to save

Fixed to the headrest, forehead and throat
Sundress is lowered, having no vote
Dripping and drooling, titties to coat
Held in tight plastic, escape remote

Zippy-ties holding, arms out of way
The chair of iron, she will not stray
Body presented, ready to play
Tickle touch teasing, earning her pay

Helpless and dripping, shooting the scene
Legs spread inviting, ever so keen
Pheromones rising, one horny teen
Head spinning odors, sniffing between

Ankles in plastic, fixed to the frame
Her body sweating, she will remain
My hands inflaming, feeling no pain
Pussy lips creamy, a spreading stain.

Pixie in pickle, going nowhere
Ten point connection, tied to the chair
Nibble lick suckle, her perfect pair
Tickle clit rubbing, kissing her there

Nipple clamp tighten, gag garbled squeak
The wire attaching, her future bleak
Thumb on the button, her manner meek
A shot of voltage, her pussy reek

Pussy lips dripping, shining in slime
Licking and sucking, now is the time
Cameraman shooting, the footage prime
Gag garbled screaming, dropping her dime

Nipple jolts random, never know when
Gag garbled screaming, subbie space send
Licky clit buzzing, a girl’s best friend

Session not over, service the crew
Jacket of canvas, her ankles too
The pixie perfect, ball gag to chew
Pussy presented, her rising phew

Drippy chin drooling, juicy below
Canvasback captive, rigger to know
Hot wet and ready, on with the show
Hours of foreplay, ready to blow

Bound and delivered, clitty clamp bite
Pussy lips swollen, into the night
Licky slick tonguing, fitting so tight
Straining and staining, the captive’s plight

Canvasback leather, cameraman Dave
Long organ probing, feeding her crave
Orgasms crashing, the skilful knave
Four men no waiting, one helpless slave

Hung up for later, dripping semen
Tickle clit fingers, ready reamin’
Camera crew packing, rigger schemin’