Pink Pussy Cat
by Peter Loaf

Clad in white spandex, from head to toe
My tits and pussy, ready to go
Rings in my clitty
Studs in my titty
Pussy Cat playhouse, on with the show

The costume stretchy fits like a glove
The tail is springy, my anus shove
Two ended phallus
Buckled with malice
Jingle bell tinkles, bouncing above

The curtain rising, the crowd goes wild
My Master grinning, infamous style
Barkerís cane poking
Know heís not joking
The spotlight follows, the longest mile

Ankle clamps waiting, screwed to the floor
My wrists securing, down on all four
Bare bottom pointed
Pussy anointed
Pussy Cat posing, knowing the score

Jingle bell wiggle, the quiet hush
Fingertips finding, tentative brush
Helpless responding
To Master bonding
A cow bell hooking, a clanking rush

The cane it whistles, slicing my rump
Tinkle bell clanking, with every jump
The crowd so quiet
Each wants to try it
Pussy Cat passion, broken to stump

Clipped to my nipples, some fishing lead
Bouncing and jerking, the teeth imbed
Juicy lips swelling
Pheromones smelling
Each Master watching, wishes instead

When Iím exhausted, allowed to rest
Hand on my bottom, readiness test
Fingers slip slipping
Pussy juice dipping
Four way detention, under arrest

A blindfold added, darkness complete
A presence sensing, between my feet
My pussy filling
My pussy willing
Jingle clank thrusting, feeling so sweet

Hardness slip sliding, spanking my ass
Pussy Cat screaming, showing my class
All comers taken
My cow bell shaken
The tip jar filling, fortune amass

Pink Pussy Cat